Happy Anniversary to me!

I know I promised you guys another trip report, but I just haven't had time! I've been working like a CRAZY LADY on my new kit for Friday! I can't WAIT to show you guys. (I'll have a sneak peek for ya on Thursday!!)

So today is our 4th wedding anniversary! And Josh just walked in the door and surprised me with a huge bouquet of deep red roses!! They are so beautimous. Thanks baby!!!

And in just a few minutes, we're off to a romantic dinner at one of our favorite spots, Happy Sumo.

And after that we're going to BYU stadium to cheer for my little brother in the Marching Band at his competition. You may have heard about the American Fork HS Marching Bad Bus accident last weekend. Luckily Cameron wasn't in the bus that tipped (we are so thankful). So he's fine. But tonight's performance will really mean a lot and I'm sure be extra powerful as they play in honor of their heroic advisor who was killed in the accident.

We realized that this is our very FIRST anniversary we've ever spent at home. Every year since we've been married, we've gone on a trip! This year we went on a trip too, but it was a week before, instead of over our actual anniversary. We've never worked on or anniversary or anything like we've been doing today!! HAHA kind of funny actually.

Anyway - hope you guys had a nice day and have a great night. I promise I'm working on our next trip report installment. :) Stay tuned!!

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