Winner! Winner! And Show Offs too!

First of all - a BIG thank you to everyone's sweet words about Something Strappy! What a fun giveaway. I'm so glad so many of you entered and enjoyed Kim's work. (It was so popular, maybe we'll arrange another giveaway in the future, eh Kim??!)

After 111 entries, I randomly pulled one entry out of the "hat". That lucky winner of a Something Strappy camera strap of their choice is. . .


Vicki, please email me to claim your prize!

Thanks again to everyone who entered.

OK! Are you ready for today's Show Off Slideshow? It's a good one!

Find out more about Show Offs HERE. All of this week's Show Offs are getting a 2nd Chance at one of my past prizes!! Watch your email inboxes, Show Offs, to see what you get to choose from.

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Camera Strap Giveaway

WINNER HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Comments are closed. See previous post for Winner. Thanks for your interest in this giveaway!

Hi readers! I have an exciting giveaway for you today. Kim at Something Strappy, a fellow Disney-nut and scrapbooker, contacted me a while back and let me know about her ADORABLE Disney camera straps. I fell in love immediately. So, today on Disneyland's Birthday - HAPPY 57th to my FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!!- we're offering you the chance to win your very own Something Strappy custom camera strap.

And her non-Disney straps are just beautiful! PERFECT fabrics, colors, and style! So awesome.

Kim even designed several Disney themed straps especially for this feature and giveaway!! You have to go check them out. I know you're going to want one (or two, or three!).

I LOVE that her straps are not just strap covers, but whole new straps. Check out my adorable Minnie Mouse Ruffle strap in action!

(excuse the iPhone pics, my actual camera was on ME! haha!)

Since I've used the strap personally, I can tell you guys they are awesome. Mine is soft minky fleece on the bottom, but it doesn't make my neck hot. They are totally sturdy and I feel completely comfortable hanging my camera on it.

I can't WAIT to take this little cutie to Disneyland. And Kim is just a sweetheart. She noticed that I liked cross-body straps, so she let me know that I could send her a mesaurement and get my strap cross-body style. It fit PERFECTLY because it was custom made for me!!

She has an add-on section of her shop where you can add extra length, an adorable flower, or a camera lens pocket. <-- Genius!!

Don't have a DSLR?! Don't even worry!! She makes adorable wrist straps for point & shoot cameras too.

I decided we should all get to know the owner of Something Strappy, Kim, a little bit better, so I conducted a little interview.

How long have you been sewing?
I have been sewing since I was a little girl. My grandmother lived with us, and both she and my mother sewed - my mom made me TERRIFIC Halloween costumes. I was always making things with scrap fabric, and then later took lessons at our local sewing shop when I was about 11. I remember the teacher had the worst coffee breath! I have made lots of different things, but camera straps for Something Strappy is my first business endeavor. I think both my mother and my grandmother would be impressed.

What design camera strap do you use on your personal camera?
You would think that since I own Something Strappy, I would always be changing my camera strap - but I really don't very often. Right now my camera is stylin' in my "Fly Away" strap. I love this one because I love gray as a classic base color - but I do have to have color. The colors on this strap just pop off the fabric. It's fun and bright, and it looks great with anything. Really, when you are a camera-toting mom like me, it's nice to have a strap that looks great, speaks of your personality, and is comfortable to wear. That's what I try to create for my own clients. I also want to make them affordable. A camera strap is a fun accessory, but like many others, people want to change them occasionally. I try to keep my prices so that people feel as if they can afford to come back and buy another strap for a different season, event, or when they just want a change.

What Disney park do you frequent most and how often do you go?
Our family has been to Disney World's Magic Kingdom most often. We have been going every other year for a while now. We love staying on site, and have a great time enjoying the spirit of Disney. I can't think of any other place that is more enjoyable to travel to when you have kids than Orlando. There is just so much to do! We just went again last spring, and I was at Magic Kingdom for it's early morning opening. I was walking, holding hands with my son, and he took in a deep breath and said, "I love the smell of Disney!" I had to laugh that we had been there enough that this child could identify even the smell.

What's your favorite Disney park attraction (ride, show, etc)?
Personally, I love Big Thunder Mountain. I have a great picture of my daughter on the ride from when she was 9. I was in the car with her and turned to take her picture with my little point-and-shoot. It's not an award-winning photo by any means, as we were being jerked all over the place. But her head is back, hair blowing in the wind, and she is just laughing a great big laugh! Every time I look at that picture, I am reminded about how much fun it is to be a kid again. My other "must do" is the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. I can go to that show multiple times on a trip, and always get a good laugh. It's a great "sit down & cool off" opportunity, and the show really is so clever & funny.

What's your favorite Disney movie?
I have to admit it - I am a Pixar girl. Monsters, Inc. is my favorite, but Cars and Nemo are up there too. The AristoCats is my favorite childhood Disney movie.

What else do we need to know about Something Strappy?
When I made my own camera strap because I was just tired of my black one, I never thought I would be able to make a business like Something Strappy out of it. But - I have! And I love it. I don't want to be the type of business that simply mass produces straps; I want each of my straps to be special. I like to purchase small amount of fabrics so that I am always changing what is in stock, and I really love it when I have the time to get extra creative. Adding ruffles, flowers, buttons, and other embellishments is very enjoyable for me. For me, making the straps is kind of like scrapbooking (which I have been doing for 13 years now) - a great background may be all you need, but layering in just the right way can really give your project some pop. Some of the most fun I have had is creating Disney-themed straps in preparation for this giveaway. Originally I was just offering a Mickey and a Minnie strap. But it was actually Brittney's digi-kits that got me thinking (okay, my daughter would say obsessing) about Disney-inspired straps. I didn't want to go out and buy Disney fabric and make a strap; I wanted the strap to be more creative than that. So I have been having lots of fun working on straps that represent various Disney characters. I think one of my favorites is my Maleficent strap - just because she is such a terrific Disney villain. But I also love the simple patchwork strap of various black, red and white patterned fabrics. For me, it is more than just sewing a camera strap, it is creating something that puts a smile on the face of any client when she grabs Something Strappy to head out the door.

Thank you so much Kim, for letting us get to know you and your business a little better.

I LOVE spotlighting small mommy-owned businesses like this. Because that's what I am too!

Ok - to the part you've been waiting for - the giveway!! . . .

How to enter:

* Comment here on the blog with the name of the camera strap from Something Strappy that you'd love win.
* 1 entry per person
* Open to all US Residents. (outside of US - you can enter if you'll agree to pay the added shipping cost)
* Entries due by midnight (Mountain Time) on Thursday night, July 20. Winner will be announced on Friday morning.

*** Winner receives 1 camera strap of their choice from Something Strappy. ***

Make sure you visit Something Strappy on Facebook. She's doing a Britt-ish Designs giveaway there too. Simultaneous Giveways!!

WINNER HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Comments are closed. See previous post for Winner. Thanks for your interest in this giveaway!

vote for rocky!

Hey friends. I need some help! My parent's pup is entered in a contest to win a lifetime supply of "Greenies" pet treats!! He's in second place, but needs our help to win.

You need to be on Facebook to be able to vote. And for some reason the "Greenies" page and app doesn't work on your phone, so you gotta do this at a comptuer. Click HERE to get to their page. Like their page and then vote for "Rocky Rodee" in the Best Vocal Performance category. You are allowed to vote once a day until July 28.

Check out Rocky's video (no idea why its sideways) and listen to my MOM'S Vocal Performance too! HAHAH!!!!

Thanks so much! My family will really appreciate the support.

Ta ta for now!!

change your fate

I am VERY excited for today's new release! I have a magical new collaboration with Trixie Scraps Designs. We teamed up to bring you this . . .

"Change Your Fate"

Isn't she purrrrdy? I totally love how this kit came out. It's mysterious and magical and full of fun and whimsy. I LOVE how Tracy (aka Trixie Scraps) described the kit in her shop:

"'Change Your Fate' is an homage to a new breed of "magical" movie princess... one who is strong and brave, who chooses to buck tradition and forge her own path. This collection is perfect for pages about pursuing your dreams, changing your own fate, being brave, and writing your own story. Use this collection to scrap about your Scottish and Irish heritage photos as easily as you can your photos of trips to the Green Isle! Document your time at the movies on opening weekend... or take a hike and use the natural elements in this kit to scrap about that, too! This beautiful Celtic-inspired kit will surprise you again and again with its versatility and scrap-ability and it is our hope that it becomes one of your very favorite kits in your stash!"

We saw Pixar's new movie, "Brave" opening weekend. We just couldn't wait! Here's the page I scrapped about it with the new kit:

And here are some creations from the Britt Girls:

by melissa

by kendall

by tanya

by mary

by chelle

by fonnetta

by justine

by kim

by kat

by kelsy

by wendy

by cami

by kat

by heather

by sara

I'll have to write a full review, but we REALLY loved "Brave" and highly recommend it. It was a little intense and scary at parts, but Scarlett was ok. Nothing too bad.

Hope you guys will come grab the kit! Enjoy this freebie add-on, as well! I hope it'll add just a little more magic to your "Change Your Fate" layouts.


There's a great freebie from Trixie Scraps on her blog too! Make sure to go snag it.

let's be brave tomorrow!

As many of you guessed, I have an exciting new collaboration kit coming tomorrow!!

Trixie Scraps & I have been hard at work making something pretty magical. Josh says it might be his favorite kit I've ever made. That's all I'm going to say!! Check back in at midnight to see the full kit & all the fun pages the team and I have scrapped up. Get ready to change your fate . . .

fate is on its way . . .

magazine clipped alpha

Today's new release is something unique, funky and oh-so-fun! I give you . . .

"Magazine Clipped Alpha"

This alpha comes with TWO full sets of letters, numbers & punctuation in a random assortment of styles & colors.

Here's my page:

Here's a tip when using this alpha: the team and I realized that with just a few tiny color adjustment tweaks you can really use this alpha on almost ANY type of page. Look at the diversity of pages from the Britt Girls:

by sara

by melissa

by kim

by kat

by becca

by fonnetta

by kelsy

by wendy

by mary

I still can't beleive the wide range of pages that everyone was able to scrap using this alpha - from outdoorsy/nature to wild funky tween pages. This alpha works for EVERYTHING!

Alright - let's get to the Show Offs! Here is your slideshow for this week:

Every Show Off this week is getting my new "Magazine Clipped Alpha" for free as their gift!! So watch those email inboxes! (please Show Off next time, July 20, to get a prize & to be included in the blog Show Off Slideshow) Thank you to everyone who Showed Off this week!

And with that - I'll sign off. I hope you all have a wonderful fun & sun filled weekend. See ya later!