pink is my favorite color

Ok now I officially have "Pink" by Aerosmith stuck in my head . . . oh well! I guess I'll just crank it up in iTunes.

Ahh . . . ok now we're rockin'.

So - I hereby dub Jan. 29th PINK FRIDAY! And here's why:

"Pink Valentine"

As you might have guessed, PINK is my favorite color! And I just felt like Valentine's kit needed a HEAVY dose of that sweet shade. Hope you like it!

Here's a page I scrapped with it:

And also new today . . .

"Funky Stripes Collection"

I've been totally digging stripes lately! So I thought - why not a whole pack of fun and funky striped papers! Check out what my team whipped up with these new products:

Brilliant work this week girls! Thank you all so much.

Well - I hope you're all tickled pink by now! It's time to watch the Show Offs slideshow.

All of my Show Offs this week are getting my "Funky Stripes Collection". Watch those email inboxes.

If you'd like to be a Show Offs and get gifts too, find out how at the end of this post.

One quick plug for the Speed Scrap tomorrow (Saturday 1/30) afternoon. It's at 2pm my time. I'm planning to be there, so I hope to see lots of you there too!!

See you tomorrow.

It's Friday already!

Hi, my name is Brittney and I'm a bad blogger.

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. I can honestly say I've been working non-stop this week. LOTS of admin stuff, collab. planning for the future, and many other things kept me glued to the computer all week long. But one of the things I did work on for YOU all is my new product this week.

"Stacked Templates 2"

I took a batch of my own LOs, and created some templates! Here are the originals . . .

If you're familiar with my style, you know I LOVE a stacked layout. And this template pack piles on the photos and embellishments. So much so in fact that I left the shadow layer styles on them because that's what makes for that realistic, nice-looking depth. If you like my shadows, great! If not, feel free to adjust them or delete them all together. And as always, my templates come in both psd files as well as separated PNGs.

Here is the NEW page I did using one of the templates. I gave it a little flip!

{credits here}

And here's what the Britt Girls created:

Thanks so much girls!! I love seeing what you do with my templates AND I love seeing all the Britt-ish Designs products you choose. :)

Well, that means its time for the Show Offs. Enjoy. There are A LOT of them this week.

All of this week's Show Offs are getting my new template pack as their gift! If you'd like to learn how to Show Off as well as get gifts each week - just read the end of this post. It's really easy.

If for some reason you sent in a Show Off and its either missing from the slideshow or you don't get your gift emailed to you sometime today, please send me an email and let me know.

And that's it for my post today. I have a bunch things on my to-do list, so I better boogie. TTFN!!

c'mon! go mad!

Yes, my friends, its officially MAD FRIDAY as far as Britt-ish Designs is concerned. I'm SO EXTREMELY EXCITED to release my new kit - so let's cut to the chase and just reveal it!!

I give you . . .


and . . .

"Quote Maddness"

I've been wanting to do an Alice in Wonderland inspired kit for SOOO LONG! I've had many requests for one as well. I just love all things Alice!! (be sure to read to the end of the post for your freebie add-on!!) This kit was an absolute ball to create! And so fun to scrap with too! Check out my page . . .

I've been having a ball scrapping my Disney World pics these days!

Here are the amazing creations from the Britt Girls. You will be so impressed by the variety of pages you can scrap with "Alice".

Thanks sooooo much Britt Girls! You guys killed it this week.

Alright - so are you totally in love with "Alice" yet? I hope so. The more I see pages with it, the happier I am with the kit! :)

It's time for Show Offs!! Let's sit back and enjoy. There are a whoppin' 52 pages this week!! WOO HOO!

Thanks so much to all of you who showed off this week. You'll all be getting my "Quote Maddness" word art pack as your gift this week. I know, I know, that's two word art gifts in a row, but you'll just have to deal with it! ;) hehe

If you're new to my blog and want to know more about how to Show Off and get free gifts, read the end of this post.

Alright, alright! You're all anxious for the add-on right? Here you go . . .


I hope you guys have caught the "Alice" spirit! Have a simply MAD day and happy scrapping!!!

a little peek

Just wanted to make a quick post and give you guys a peek at what's coming tomorrow . . .

Get excited!!!!

who's up for a challenge?

Hello, people of earth. Guess what. I get to host the MouseScrappers challenge this week! And I'm giving out the most awesome prize!!

Come read about my challenge HERE.

This is my entry:

And this, my friends, is the prize that everyone who participates in the challenge will be receiving:

It's the "Ultimate Disney Hat Colleciton" and its a MouseScrappers Challenge exclusive. You can't get it in my store, or any other way! So - I hope to see lots of friends scrap up those Disney related pics over at MouseScrappers this week!!

Speed Scrap at SM in 30 minutes!! Woo hoo!!!

ta-ta for now

a cute new layout to share

I scrapped again! Tonight, while Josh played our brand new Wii, I was happily scrapping away.

{credits here}

These are just a few of the photos I took of my cousin's daughters while I was visiting them last month in Arizona. Aren't they the cutest little things?!

Just thought I'd share what I've been up to tonight! Now I gotta go put Josh to bed. He is coming down with something and he needs to be in bed. I'll pry the Wii-mote out of his hand! :)

nighty night!

I scrapped!!

Hey look! I scrapped. It's been a while, but I had to post a new "My Story Matters" challenge at SM yesterday, so I had to make some time to scrap.

{credits here}

I hope lots of you will come scrap this challenge with me. I'm pretty sure we're only about 6 weeks away from finishing this "My Story Matters" challenge series. No one is doing them anymore (I had zero participation in December - sad huh?), but I'm determined to finish the series for my own personal book!! Even if not one person enters.

A couple more things. I'm SO EXCITED to say that I'm going to be SPEED SCRAPPING on Wednesday night (with host Jami)! I haven't done a Speed Scrap in forever. And I can't wait to join in once again. I hope to see LOTS OF YOU there too.

And last but not least - I wanted to share a few photos from my New Year's Eve celebration! My brother and sister in law invited us over to their house and we had a nice quiet evening playing games, eating snacks and then watching fireworks from the valley below out their window! It was quite a nice view from their place. Then we stayed VERY LATE playing Banangrams. We were all hooked. We couldn't stop playing. It was such a fun, casual, relaxing New Year's Eve. Just how I like it.

Thanks so much for inviting us over Christian and Marci! We had a great time ringing in 2010 with you guys.

Alrighty - I gotta get back to work now! TTFN

hi ho! hi ho!

Its off to work we go!! We're home from our awesome trip and back to work. Josh and I came home with a renewed sense of determination to get our house cleaned up, organized, to cut back on TV watching, reconnect, cook dinner more, eat out less, spend more time playing games, doing fun things, exercising, going to bed earlier, all that good "new year stuff" you tell yourself you're going to do!

And . . . so far so good. Last night when Josh got home from work, I cooked dinner, we did a little cleaning up (not tons but a little), ate at the table, instead of on the couch, talked, laughed, played the FUNNEST GAME we got from my parents for Christmas, Bananagrams. We're totally addicted to it. The house is still messy, suitcases are still unpacked, but we'll get there.

Our trip to Disneyland was very fun. Days after returning, my feet are still a little tender, and I'm still a little tired, but its totally worth it. We had a great time!! Here's just a few photos to give you a taste at how much fun we had. If you followed us on Twitter, you know we had a blast! I'll try and post more photos and give you a real rundown in the following week. But you know how well my recapping of our Disney World trip went! haha, so we'll see!!

(click to enlarge)

ANYWAY - sorry this post is much later than my usual Friday posts. Going on vacation always takes an unexpected tole on me. I find it tough to get back into the swing of things. I'm going to really force myself to get a kit done for next week and start being the regular 'product producing Britt' you all know and love!

But this week all my Show Offs are going to get a Show Off exclusive! Which means, there is currently no other way to get this gift other than being a Show Off this past week. It's not in the store, or anything! But before I show you what the exclusive gift is, let's enjoy the Show Offs.

The Show Offs this week were awesome! Thanks so much for sending them in. I had a great time going through them when I got back from my trip!!

So - the exclusive Show Offs only gift is . . .

Show Offs - watch your email inboxes. I'll be sending this out right after I finish my post.

And if you'd like to learn more about how to Show Off and get great gifts - just read the end of this post.

Ok - I guess that's it for today. I'll see you later!!

welcome 2010

Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a fun and safe night last night!

This post will have to be short and sweet. Josh and I are pulling out for Disneyland later today, and I've gotta finish packing!

So - no new products this week, as I explained before! But I do have a wonderful slideshow FULL of beautiful Show Offs to share with you . . .

Thanks so much to all those who showed off this week. All the Show Offs are getting their choice of one of my date element packs as their gift this week. What better way to start off the new year, than with some DATE embellishments, right??

Well guys, I'm off for a few days in my favorite place!! I can hardly wait! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you when I get back!