welcome to the world, baby girl!

HELLO blog world! Did you think I'd fallen off the face of the planet?! I'm FINALLY making time to sit down and share a little about Scarlett's arrival into the world. Mama-hood is WONDERFUL and totally consuming. I do little but nurse, change diapers, sleep whenever I get the chance, and smile and stare at my baby girl.

But I know many of you are waiting to hear about how we're doing and see some proper photos other than those on twitter.

I was induced on Wednesday morning at around 9 am. My doc broke my water and the contractions started immediately. They started the Pitocin and the contractions got even stronger. I got my epidural and had a VERY relaxing afternoon. I felt comfortable and calm. Eventually I got a weird hot spot where I could start feeling my contractions on one side. But the anesthesiologist fixed it just in time for me to start feeling some serious pressure! I had a WONDERFUL nurse, and she checked me and I was at a 10! I think it took about 7 hours to get from a 2.5 (where I started when I arrived) to a 10.

I had to push for an hour and a half and it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I guess I had a really light epidural or it wore off or something because I felt EVERY contraction and it was pretty painful. My nurse and Josh were amazing and totally supported and encouraged me and helped me feel like I could do it. Just when I felt like I didn't have anything else left to give she FINALLY came.

Scarlett Ann was born at 5:55 pm on Wed. March 16th. She weighed 8 lb. 6 oz. and was 20" long. She had quite a rockin' cone head, but it was covered with TONS of curly dark brown hair. We couldn't believe all that HAIR! She was healthy and happy and totally GORGEOUS. I know we are biased, but for a newborn, she was just stunning! C'mon. Look at her. EVERY nurse, doctor, hospital worker ooohed and ahhhed over her hair and her beauty.

Our amazing families obviously thought so too. They waited a REALLY long time to get to see her. After her birth I needed some time with just my baby and Josh to catch my breath, take it all in, etc. So they just had to wait! (thanks for being patient family members)

Our hospital stay was GREAT. We were exhausted, and we pretty much had visitors 'round the clock. But I look back at that precious time and want to go back!! Having people there to wait on us, help us, being stuck in one room with my hubby and my baby. I LOVED it. Despite the lack of sleep and pain and all that. It was a very very special time for me.

So - now we're home and adjusting to real life. I don't feel like I'm really living 'real' life yet, because I don't really have to accomplish anything each day. I just hang out with my girl. And I LOVE IT! My mom stayed with us the first week and spoiled us by waiting on us hand and foot. This week my wonderful neighbors from the church and other friends have been bringing in meals. We are so blessed to be well taken care of.

Life is easy and good. Scarlett is a STELLAR baby. She eats like a champ!! After hearing so many of my friends' stories, I was so worried I'd struggle with breast feeding. But she latched on her very first try right after she was born and she's been a great nurser ever since!

She's already two weeks old!!! I can't believe it. It's going by really fast, just like everyone says. But we're happy and well. I'll try and update the blog more often. I'm just having too much fun playing mommy to get on the computer much at all right now.

Could you get anything done with this gorgeous face looking at you all day?!

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on Twitter, your emails, your thoughts and prayers. We are so grateful for your kindness to our new little family and are so humbled by the love that's been poured out on us.

I'll post again soon!!

scarlett's birthday is tomorrow!

Unless I have some crazy 24 hour labor, Scarlett will be born tomorrow. After a LOT of waiting I've made it to my induction date. I honestly never EVER thought I'd make it this far! I just had it in my mind I'd go early, so while I'm really only going to be 5 days overdue, it feels like WEEKS because I had it in my head she'd come a while ago.

ANYWAY - we're THRILLED that tomorrow's finally the day. I'll make sure to blog pictures ASAP, but the easiest way to share our first photos will be on twitter, so make sure you check my tweets tomorrow.

Here I am today. 40.5 weeks pregnant. Man alive, I can't wait to get this kid delivered already!!!

(I used "My Trendy Baby" and "Pink Valentine" to semi-scrap this pic)

And with that, I'm signing off. Next time I sit down to write a blog post I'll have a BABY!!! AHH! I'm so excited. TTFN!

take a trip to the candy shop

Today Sahlin Studio and I are releasing a super fun, super SWEET, collaboration kit & coordinating word art pack!! It's my last new release before I officially go on maternity leave, so let's get right to it!

"Candy Shop"

"Sweetness: Word Art"


Krista & I are always inspired our mutual love of Disney, and this inspiration came from none other than Goofy's Candy Company. Full of wacky shapes, bold colors, and more sugar than you can handle, I am totally loving how this kit turned out!! And you won't believe how many ways you can use this kit! I used it to scrap some EXTRA SPECIAL desserts Josh and I had at the 50s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios!!

And check out what the Britt Girls scrapped with it. From school plays, to birthdays, to childhood memories, this kit is so versatile!!

OH! And the (Disney) candy goodness just couldn't end there. Krista & I BOTH have add-on freebies for you loaded with some extra treats!

Here's mine!


And don't forget to go grab Krista's freebie too!


Have a SWEET DAY!!

tomorrow . . .

Not only is tomorrow my due date, I also let Krista Sahlin of Sahlin Designs talk me into releasing a collab with her. Yes, ON MY DUE DATE!!

Haha! ANYWAY - here's a little peek at what Krista and I have in store for you tomorrow:

See ya then!

get excited for friday!

not your typical friday

It's an unusual Friday here at Britt-ish Designs. No new products. Just straight to this week's Show Off Slideshow. And its the last Show Offs until after maternity leave. I feel like a TV sitcom having a season finale or something.

Besides a few weeks here and there when I was on vacation, I've basically had Show Offs every Friday for over 3 years now! That's over 156 Show Off Slideshows and over 156 gifts!! Holy toledo! It will feel weird for me (and probably for you regular readers) not to have them for a while. But never fear!! The Show Offs will not be gone for long.

Here's this week's slideshow:

Thanks soooo much to all those who Showed Off this week. You guys came out in full force! Every Show Off is getting a $3.00 Gift Code to spend in my shop. Watch your email inboxes for that code, ladies!

Just to reiterate, there won't be anymore Show Offs until after my maternity leave. I'll keep you posted as to when they'll start up again. So - no sending in Show Offs for now. :) But trust me, we WILL start up again. Don't worry!

It seems weird to have such a short Friday post, but that's it for today!! Everyone cross your fingers that this little girl comes soon. We are finally feeling as ready as we can be! Last night we put together her swing. It's fun doing all the pre-baby prep stuff. But I'm ready for her to come now!!! haha

Anyway - have a wonderful weekend. And I'll see you guys soon.

38 weeks

I've had several requests for a belly pic. And while I NEVER like how I look in belly pics, I'll share it with you anyway! Warning - I'm pretty huge right now!!!!

(I used "My Baby Love" to semi-scrap this pic)

Ta-da! There I am - big belly and all. I'm feeling pretty good for being 38 weeks+ pregnant. I've been super lucky to have such a great pregnancy. Yes, I'm a little uncomfortable (hello, did you SEE that belly?!) but I'm such a planner, I've kept myself plenty busy getting every little thing as ready as possible, so I haven't really had time to be impatient. Yet!