3 days!?!

BAH!!! How did this happen? I was so focused on Christmas, I pretty much haven't had a moment to think about the fact that we're leaving for a trip to Disneyland in just three days! Josh's parent's are taking the whole fam to the Happiest Place on Earth as our Christmas gift this year. I'm SO EXCITED!! I haven't been there since last March, so I'm sort of going through withdrawal. Yes, yes, I know, I went to Disney WORLD this fall, but its not the same. I miss my Disneyland.

But that's not even the reason I popped in to make a post. I just wanted to explain . . . the day after Christmas I got sick. I think I caught a flu bug or something. But basically I've been in bed ever since. Today is the first day I've woken up and actually felt like it was possible to get on the computer and try to get a little bit caught up!! I'm trying not to panic and just let myself rest, but all I can think about is not getting better in time for our trip.

So - while I think I CAN manage to get the Show Offs done this Friday, I highly doubt there will be any new products to reveal. But I guess you never know. So - while my blog and shop might be a little boring for another week or so, just know that I'm trying to get better for our trip!

I will be twittering the trip!! So, if you followed my twitters during our Disney World trip, you know how much fun it was. If you didn't follow, you should start! Twittering a Disney trip turned out to be quite a fun adventure last time, and I'm sure it will be very fun this time around as well. You don't even have to have sign up for a twitter account to read the twitters.

Ok - I am starting to get a chill. Gotta go get my new Snuggie (birthday present from Josh) and my new slippers (Christmas present from my cousin, Morgan). See you on Friday for Show Offs just before I shove off for California!! (cross your fingers I'm feeling healthy by then!!)

Our Christmas Card

My Christmas cards went out last week, so all my friends and loved ones should have received them by now. I didn't want to post it here too soon and ruin the surprise. Anyway - MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my loyal blog readers.

It's so fun to be able to send you Christmas wishes with a digital card! hehe Yet another reason digi-scrap is the best!

Hope you're all enjoying this week leading up to the big day!! We sure are. We had a very fun holiday party at my mom's house last night to exchange presents with my aunt and uncle and all their kids. My mom made the YUMMIEST "Holiday Soup" in bread bowls. MMMM. And I made Christmas themed Bakerella-style "Cupcake Bites". I was SUPER PROUD of them - they were 100% adorable and 100% delicious. Everyone was singing my praises. hahah It was awesome. And I got to use the new cupcake stand (I've been wanting one FOREVER) that I got for my birthday from my little brother, Cameron!

For anyone who wants to try making these, they are definitely easy but time consuming. So, just give yourself plenty of time.

I saved a few to take to a neighbor and to our landlords. I hope they like 'em too.

I also got ALL my wrapping done yesterday too, so now when people ask "Are you ready for Christmas?" I can actually say YES!! HAHA How great is that?!

So - are you ready for Christmas?

definitely a Manic Monday

This week will be completely M A N I C ! We just found out that we have a family even EVERY SINGLE NIGHT from now through Saturday. It's going to be a lot of fun, but totally exhausting. It's a dang good thing I don't have any shopping left to do this week! I'm totally done. I just have two little projects that need to be done. All my big projects are finished. I can't tell you how good that feels.

So yeah - my week is gonna be totally nuts! But I do have some great news!!! One of my kits is 50% OFF today only during ScrapMatters' Manic Monday sale!!

"It's Christmas Time In The City"

My very FIRST Christmas kit I ever made. Totally inspired by my bright, colorful funky Christmas tree ornaments. Here are some pages I did with it way back when!

Anyway - that's my big deal for this Manic Monday!!! Hope you all have fun shopping the sale and have a happy Monday!! See ya.

no show offs 12/25

Well, this might seem kid of obvious but, this Friday is Christmas Day so there won't be any new releases at ScrapMatters.com. I've also decided that I won't be doing any Show Offs either. I hope you all understand and even enjoy a week off!

If you've already sent in a Show Off, don't worry! I'll save anything I receive from now until Jan. 1st and have one giant week of Show Offs. So feel free to send 'em in, but there won't be a gift or a slideshow until Jan. 1st.

And because I REALLY can't stand a post without photos - I'll share my two latest pages.

First up - a page I did for Sahlin Studio and her new fabulous kit, "Season of Giving". This is probably my most favorite Christmas kit I've ever used!

{full credits here}

Josh is such a good sport when I want to photograph something he's doing! haha As you can see from BOTH of these pages.

This other one is for Erica Zane using her awesome new "Winter Crush" kit. It's got the BEST colors. Totally fun and unique. And PERFECT for this memory from this past Valentine's Day.

{full credits here}

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and having a nice Sunday!! TTFN


Well, another Friday is upon us. And that means its time for . . . NEW PRODUCT!

This week I have:

"Happiest Season of All: Quick Pages"

My amazing Britt Girls have allowed me to take their layouts and put them together into one super fabulous Quick Page album! Woo hoo! If you're anything like me, you have WAY too many Christmas photos and not enough time to scrap 'em all. Why not pop them into some of these!!! :)

Alrighty - time to see who Showed Off this week!!

Thanks to all this week's Show Offs! You are all getting my new quick page set! I'll be emailing those out shortly. Make sure you email me if you don't receive it by the end of the day.

Showing off is easy!! Read all about how to start being a Show Off at the end of this post!

And that's it for me today!! I can't believe there's only 1 week until Christmas. 7 days!!?! Yowza. This month has flown by.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday! xoxo

thank you all soooo much!

Hey there!! Just wanted to pop in and say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who sent birthday wishes my way. You are all super sweet. I had a GREAT birthday and the cherry on top was all of you who went shopping in my store.

I haven't had a free minute to edit the photos from my birthday, so I'll just have to do a non-photo post (ick, blech!).

I really do appreciate all the sweet emails, comments and posts. You all made my birthday even brighter!

See you guys tomorrow morning for new product Friday!!!

happy birthday to me!!!

My birthday is tomorrow (Monday 11/14)! And I've decided to throw a little Surprise Party SALE!!

My ENTIRE STORE is 29% off starting now through my birthday (ending at midnight, 12/14/09).

use code: brittsbday09

Have fun shopping and celebrating with me!!

friday already?!

Hi guys! It's Friday already! I can't believe it. I was a very bad blogger this week. Life is crazy right now. Christmas is bearing down, and I've been busy shopping, crafting, decorating, etc. etc. All those fun Christmas things. But my blog has been neglected! But I'll try and do better.

Right now I've got some new products to roll out. . .

"Pocket Full of Templates 4"

and . . .

"Candy Striped Alpha"

This alpha contains two full alphas in one!! Plus its a snap to recolor. Just check out what the Britt Girls and I scrapped with 'em!

Here's mine:

And from the Britt Girls:

Fun stuff, right?

Ok - let's enjoy this week's Show Offs . . .

All of this week's Show Offs are getting my new "Pocket Full of Templates 4". So watch those email inboxes. If you want to show off and get free goodies too, its quite simple. Just read the end of this post to learn how!

Has anyone out there been reading my blog long enough to remember this post?? Well, it's been TWO YEARS since my little brother, Scotty, left for his mission in Chile and he is coming home TODAY!!! We head out to pick him up at the airport later this morning. TONS of friends and family are all gathering at the airport to welcome him home. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun photos to share after today. I seriously cannot wait.

So, I better go get myself ready! See you cats late-ah. ta-ta

borders and jellies

Good morning and happy Friday! Check out my new products in the store today . . .

"Doodlie-Do: Page Borders"

These doodle borders were the prize from my Speed Scrap this past Monday. But for all those who couldn't make it, its in the shop now!!

And . . .

"Jellies: Blooms"

A fun new pack of flowers and a few leaves. :) Here's what the Britt Girls created with the new products:

By Kim:

By Melissa:

By Fonnetta:

By Christy:

By Wendy:

By Leda:

By Jenny:

By Krista:

By Amanda:

Aren't they so fun and diverse?! Tons of variety.

Alrighty - time for Show Offs . . .

There were a TON of Show Offs this week! I love that. All my Show Offs this week will be getting my new "Jellies: Blooms" as their gift.

If you notice your show off is missing or you don't get my email today, please email me and let me know!

Or if you'd like to start showing off and getting prizes, find out how at the end of this post.

And that's it for today. Hope you all have a great Friday! I'm in Arizona until Saturday night. We had our photo session yesterday and it went fairly well. It's a lot of work getting a 7 mo. old AND a 3 year old to look at the camera and smile at the same time. Harder than I expected. BUT we got enough great shots that we came away happy. It's driving me nuts not to be able to edit them and check 'em out in detail right away. I've got to wait 'til I get home and have all the programs I need. . . I'll post some on the blog once I get home and get them edited.

ANYWAY - I'm rambling. Gotta go! TTFN!

bad blogger this week!

The reason I haven't posted on my blog since last Saturday is I've been crazy busy AND I'm out of town right now! I'm in Arizona visiting my cousin and her family! She flew me out to take her family photos!! We got a GREAT deal on a flight and it was cheaper to fly me out than hire a photographer. We've been having a blast.

(sorry for the not-so-high-quality pics, these are all from my iPhone)

Anyway - just wanted to pop in an say hi and explain. :) hehe

See you tomorrow for new releases.