New releases are already live at TLP, so I'm posting my new release a little earlier than usual! I'm so very excited to announce . . .

"Ahoy Mateys"

"Hot Mess [Pirate Style]"

"Clipped On"

You like? Well then, sail over to TLP and snag 'em! They are all 20% off all weekend long!

And I do have an little add-on freebie for you at the end of this post.

Here's the page I scrapped!

And from the Britt Girls:

I really hope you like these fun products!! It's been nearly 4 years since I created anything piratey!! And while I still like those older products, I figured it was time for something new and fresh.

Ok . . . time for Show Offs.

Thanks to everyone who showed off this round!! You'll all be getting my "Hot Mess [Pirate Style]" as your gift this week!

Forgot to send in your Show Off this time? It's ok! Our next one will be March 2. Learn about how to Show Off in this post.

Alrighty - let's wrap up this post with the add-on freebie I promised ya!


Enjoy your Friday and your weekend. I'm in full-blow Disneyland prep mode. We leave in 1 week! AHHH!!!

sneaky peek

I'm releasing some brand new products at TLP tomorrow! And I couldn't be more excited. I know you're going to love this stuff!

Here's a little peek to tide you over til tonight when everything goes live!

something new!

I have a new alpha to release at The Lily Pad today!! Yes, a new product on a Wednesday.

On Wednesdays at TLP they have "Something Old, Something New" where designers can release a few old or a few new items and they all marked 50% off for 1 day only!! Which makes my new alpha only $1.13 today. Woo hoo!!

"Black Glitter Alpha"

Here is the page I scrapped with it:

And some from my talented Britt Girls:

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's day! Enjoy your night and make it a WONDERFUL Wednesday. Ta ta!

love bytes 2.0 (flashback challenge!)

Did you think the Flashback Friday Challenge had fallen by the wayside?! I'm really sorry! December and January just got away from me. The good news is, the Friday Flashback & Challenge are back for good.

Even though I'm a guest designer at The Lily Pad this month, I kept all the Flashback stuff at my shop. Hope that's not too confusing.

But before we get to today's flashback, let's reach alllllll the way back to October's Flashback Challenge, and announce our winner!!

Congratulations to Mary Kate (aka Therapy97)!

I LOVE how Mary Kate thought to do a Bolt page with "Incredi-Boy". It's so perfect! So, Mary Kate, you win a $15 Gift Certificate to my shop!! CONGRATS! I'll be emailing you with your prize.

On to February's Flashback. Since February is all about Valentines and lovey dovey stuff, I figured I'd feature my techie-take on this holiday. It's an oldie but goodie . . .

"Love Bytes"

"Love Bytes Bonus Alpha"

And don't forget to grab the original add-on freebie if you don't already have it!


AND . . . the most exciting part! This month's Flashback has a brand new addition!! In my shop today is the brand new . . .

"Love Bytes 2.0"

BOTH kits (and the bonus alpha) are on sale throughout the rest of February!

Here's the page I scrapped with both the old and new kits - one of my monthly Scarlett pages. I'm slowly trying to get caught up with all of them. I have all her "facts" written down. I just gotta get the pages scrapped.

And here are the Britt Girls' creations:

Fun stuff, huh?!! Remembering older kits, getting a brand new coordinating kit, and getting it all on sale is GREAT! But the fun doesn't stop there. . .

Create a layout using Love Bytes, Love Bytes 2.0, or the Love Bytes Bonus Alpha before February 29, and post it in the Britt-ish Designs Challenge Gallery. Then come back to this post and paste a link to your layout in the comments. I'll do a random drawing for 1 winner at the end of the month. No matter when you purchased any of the Love Bytes products - today, last week or last year - just use it to create a layout and enter it to win!!

*IMPORTANT NOTE* When you want to link to one of your pages in the Britt-ish Designs Gallery, you need to click on this little icon to make sure that "Display File Information" is on.

Then, below your credits, you'll see the File Information. Use this URL when linking up your page.

You can't just copy and paste the URL that's at the top of your browser window! It won't work.

One more note. I know some people had trouble in the past with the gallery. But all problems were solved by simply trying another browser. My gallery and Internet Explorer don't get along. So, if you're having trouble seeing where to Register, Log In, Upload, or Comment - just try using a different browser (like Firefox, for example) and you shouldn't have any trouble.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to see your flashback creations. Ta ta for now.

sneak preview

coming tomorrow . . . (you're gonna fall in love!)

ten pages

I thought I'd pop in and quickly share 10 scrapbook pages I've done over the past couple months that I haven't posted on the blog yet. Here we go . . .











Hope you enjoyed this peek at my pages. See you later!

we're going to disneyland!

No - we didn't just win the Super Bowl, but I'm shouting it out like I'm Eli Manning!!

You might have noticed my new little vacation ticker in the sidebar! I'm soooo excited to tell you that in just 2 and a half weeks we are scooping up our little babe, and driving her back to Disneyland for her 2nd visit to the Mouse. We're reviewing the tape - looking for ways we can improve our Disneyland-with-a-baby game plan, perfecting our moves and remembering the awesome plays that earned us a touchdown last time (ok enough football puns! sorry). Anyway - we are TOTALLY ready to give it another go and make it even MORE magical.

AHHHHH I'm so excited!

guesting at the lily pad!

This is such an exciting post. For the first time EVER I've been asked to guest at another shop!! And it's one that I've admired and aspired to be more like forever. THE LILY PAD!!

Yes, the-lilypad.com (TLP) asked me to join their ranks for the month of February and my debut there is so much fun. Each month they do a "Build-Your-Own-Collab" (aka the BYOC). Basically they give the designers a color scheme and the rest is up to us!! The outcome is oodles of GREAT products that can all coordinate with each other, so you can pick and choose how to build your collab!! It's AWESOME! AND all the BYOC stuff is 20% off now through Sunday, February 5th.

Here are my BYOC products available exlusively at The Lily Pad now!

"Classroom Cupid: Embellishments"

"Classroom Cupid: Papers"

"Scripted Romance"

Doesn't my packaging look cute with the little Lily Pad on it?! I have to admit it looks pretty sweet.

Here's the page I scrapped with my new stuff.

Yeah - I'm pretty obsessed with Instagram these days. If you're Instagram too, come follow me - designerbrittney. (I can't really even take credit for it though. It's a total scraplift of this page by Brandi.)

And from the Britt Girls:

Fun stuff, huh? I was so happy when I saw all the different kinds of photos that this kits will work for.

Alrighty! On to today's Show Off Slideshow . . .

This week all the Show Offs are getting a 2nd Chance Gift - aka a choice 1 of 4 past gifts! Watch your email inboxes for your choices, ladies.

If you'd like to know more about Show Offs, read this post. The next Show Offs will be Feb. 17! I look forward to seeing everyone's work.

I hope you all enjoy my guest month at The Lily Pad. I can already tell you the people there are incredible. So much talent and inspiration. Plus, everyone is beyond friendly and welcoming!!

Have fun shopping the BYOC! ta ta!