New releases are already live at TLP, so I'm posting my new release a little earlier than usual! I'm so very excited to announce . . .

"Ahoy Mateys"

"Hot Mess [Pirate Style]"

"Clipped On"

You like? Well then, sail over to TLP and snag 'em! They are all 20% off all weekend long!

And I do have an little add-on freebie for you at the end of this post.

Here's the page I scrapped!

And from the Britt Girls:

I really hope you like these fun products!! It's been nearly 4 years since I created anything piratey!! And while I still like those older products, I figured it was time for something new and fresh.

Ok . . . time for Show Offs.

Thanks to everyone who showed off this round!! You'll all be getting my "Hot Mess [Pirate Style]" as your gift this week!

Forgot to send in your Show Off this time? It's ok! Our next one will be March 2. Learn about how to Show Off in this post.

Alrighty - let's wrap up this post with the add-on freebie I promised ya!


Enjoy your Friday and your weekend. I'm in full-blow Disneyland prep mode. We leave in 1 week! AHHH!!!

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