get ready to laugh right out loud

OK - so apparently this is all over facebook these days (I don't really do the facebook thing myself) but I found out about it on Amber's blog (Amber is a fellow Disney scrapper). Amber's blog is VERY funny BTW if anyone wants a good fun blog to read.

*ETA: Watch out - can be vulgar!! Just click & read with caution!**

But here's what you do - go to and search for your name. I laughed so hard and so loud when I read what MY name says! When you search for Brittney, you get a couple hits. This is the first hit:


The un-preppy way to spell Britany or Brittany.

Brittney's so cool! VS. Britany's a preppy bitch!"

So - thanks mom & dad for being cool and spelling my name the cool, un-bitchy way! hahahah

And here is the second hit:


The girl you are secretly in love with but, you cant show how you really feel because your friends are always on your case about her; teasing about when you two would are going to go out and something happened just recently and now you two dont talk very much and you appear to be slipping away from each other. Thats a bad thing because you 2 were meant to be with each other... no matter what. so save this. make the first move or you'l regret it the rest of your life.

You and Brittney are meant to be.
Its fate.

Oh my gosh. I just laughed so hard. It's just so funny and random.

Of course I did a search for Josh too, and his was SPOT ON! I was dying laughing.


He is a fun loving guy really funny and can make anyone laugh.He is very quiet at first and seems shy but when you get to know him you will fall in love.He has very good style and always looks handsome.He also always smells really good :)

Who's your good looking boyfriend? Oh,that stud muffin? That would be Josh."

Anyway - go search for your name and see what it says!

*ETA: Watch out - can be vulgar!! Just click & read with caution!**

It's Friday!

It's Friday!! And that means there's new products from Britt-ish Designs. Today I've got two new items in the store. First up . . .

"2-Pagers: Set 5"

I've been on a 2-Pager kick lately, so I thought I should create some templates that make scrapping a double page spread, a snap!

Check out what I did with one of them!!

(click to enlarge)

And here's what the Britt Girls did with 'em!!

Also new today . . .

"Paper Shapers: Fun Mats"

These shapers can be used in so many way! Use them to mat photos, as frames, blend them, whatever you can think of!! Here are just a few ways to use them, courtesy of the Britt Girls:

Lots of fun uses!

So now that we've released new products, you know what comes next. Show Off Slideshow!!!!

All of this week's Show Offs will be getting my new "Paper Shapers: Fun Mats".

If you'd like to Show Off & get goodies each week, but aren't sure how - read the end of this post for all the details.

And that wraps up my Friday blog post. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! See ya 'round.

A very Mouse-y Prize!

It's my turn to host the MouseScrappers challenge once again and I'm giving away a VERY fun prize to everyone who enters. And just like in the past, doing the MouseScrappers challenge is the ONLY way to get it!!

It's a font challenge, and everyone who completes it get this:

Here is my layout for the challenge, and I used the Mouse Stitches as well!

{credits here}

I hope you'll all come play along!!

I've been pushing really hard to finish scrapping this particular trip to Disneyland! So you'll been seeing a LOT of pages from this trip from me these days. Here are a few others I've done from this trip over the past couple weeks.

I did this one at the Speed Scrap this morning at ScrapMatters! Speed Scraps are so fun and I had a blast chatting and scrapping with everyone.

{credits here}

{credits here}

{credits here}

{credits here}

And last but not least . . .

{credits here}

So, I'm slowly getting this trip scrapped! It's fun to scrap Disney memories, but it makes me want to be in the parks so bad!! When I was scrapping my Tower of Terror layout this morning, I was just dying to actually be there again! But that's the fun of scrapping. Reliving awesome memories!!!

Captain EO

Time for another highlight from our most recent Disneyland trip!

We were REALLY REALLY looking forward to seeing Captain EO on this trip. I actually can't even exlpain how excited I was! It was something my parents and my brothers and I LOVED back in the late 80s and we were all freaking out when we heard they were bringing in back as a tribute to MJ. It's something we'd always talked about. "Wouldn't it be great if they brought Captain EO back?", but we never actually thought it would happen! So, when it did, we were THRILLED that we'd be there during the tribute run!

Nerd alert:

Yes, I was VERY excited.

This is me and my brother, Chad.

This is what the theater screen looks like as you're waiting for the show to start:

I'm very happy to report that Captain EO did not disappoint. Josh (seeing it for the first time ever) loved it as well! It was just as awesome as I remembered, if not more so. We were all jammin' out and having a great time. If you go to Disneyland in the near future, don't miss Captain EO!!!!! It's there for a limited run, but no one has really said how long it will be there. I'm hoping at least a year. They could put it in permanently and we'd all be thrilled!

You can listen to a little clip I recorded on my iPhone while I was in the theater. Enjoy!!!

Easter Salutations

Hi! Happy Friday peeps. I'm so excited to share my awesome Easter collab. kit with you all! Tangie Baxter and I have been online "friends" for a long time - I've been on her CT for a very long time! It's about time we did a collaboration kit, don'tchya think?? So - I proudly present . . .

"Easter Salutations"

I totally love how our styles blended together in this collab! It's so unique and fun. I'm very proud of it. Tangie and I both have add-on freebies for you, so make sure to read through the end of the post. Here's the page I scrapped with it. Some fun pictures of my nieces and nephews from Easter last year. It's a 2-pager!

I'm also releasing a new alpha today!

"Jellies - Alpha 1"

And here are the pages from the Britt Girls!

Pretty sweet, huh?? Thanks for your work this week girls. You're seriously the best!

Alrighty - here is this week's Show Offs Slideshow . . .

Thanks to this week's Show Offs! You're all getting my new Jellies: Alpha 1! Expect that email today.

If you want to be a Show Off, scroll down to the end of this post for more details.

Here is my add-on freebie for "Easter Salutations"! And you can get Tangie's add-on on her blog.


Enjoy! Have a wonderful Friday. :)

Sneak Peek

Just wanted to pop in and post a little sneak peek of what's coming on Friday!!! It's a collab. with a designer I've just been thrilled and honored to work with! (I know, it seems like its collaboration season!!)

Just wait until you see the full kit!! You'll flip! I'm very very proud of how it turned out. See you Friday!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Hello, hello! Happy St. Paddy's Day. Are you wearing green?? I AM so you can't pinch me!

I just started a fun little St. Paddy's Day forum game over at SM if anyone wants to play.

I want to post about our Disneyland trip, but when I look at all the photos and stories, I get totally overwhelmed. So I thought I'd just start in little pieces and see how that goes.

We started out with the traditional photo in front of the Mickey flowers. The whole family all together at Disneyland. Such a special moment - and one that hasn't happened for about 2 1/2 years.

We walked through the tunnel and into the park and saw Mickey right away. But he was headed backstage. He got to say a quick hello to my nieces on his way. The cast members told us to wait and that he'd be out to perform with the band in a bit. So, while my brother and his girlfriend went to get Mickey ears at the Mad Hatter, we waited. The band came out right away and their performance was awesome! Different characters came out to do little numbers with them. The girls were dancing and having such a great time!!

(If you're wondering about the dog, it must have been a guide dog day at the park. We saw TONS of people with helper dogs in training.)

Then Mickey and Minnie came out and danced together. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Again, the girls (and all us adults) totally loved it. It was such an INCREDIBLY magical start to our trip. I mean, we'd only been in the park for 20 minutes, we hadn't even moved past Main Street plaza and already had a very magical moment!!!

Another Manic Monday

Well, the big Spring Cleaning retirement sale is over at ScrapMatters and I'm taking all the retired products out of the shop today. It's sad because I have never retired anything before, and its hard to let go of my classic (aka old) stuff!!! It's a part of me, you know?? Ok - I'm being a bit overdramatic, but that's just how I feel!!!

BUT - the good news is after the Spring Cleaning sale is over, Manic Monday at SM is back! And I have a fun mini-kit on sale for just 2 bucks today!

"Springtime for Krista"

It's fun, springy, and happy!! Hope you like it and want to pick it up while its on sale!!!!

ALSO - I have some scrapping challenge news. My cherished, "My Story Matters" has run its course. It's now retired, and in its place I'm hosting a brand new monthly challenge called "Travel Scraps". To quote the challenge description:

"Travel Scraps" is a challenge put in place to help you scrap your vacations!! I know there are many of you out there that struggle like I do to get your vacations scrapped. Whether is a trip to visit our favorite mouse, to travel abroad, family reunions, theme parks, etc., when we go on trips, we come home with WAY too many pictures to get scrapped easily!

Through these monthly challenges you'll get tips, prompts, ideas, and much more to help you scrap your way through those mountains of vacation photos.

And my first Travel Scraps challenge went live yesterday! It's all about 2-pagers and how they really help you get through your vacation photos. I really think 2-Pagers are perfect for scrapping vacations!

Here's my entry . . .

{credits here}

I'm still making my way through our Oct. '07 trip to Disneyland!! I REALLY want to get it finished, but its taking such a long time!! BUT I've been putting off scrapping all these photos, because there were too many for 1 page, and they are just so fun I didn't want to mess them up by scrapping them wrong! HAHA But I really like how they turned out!!

Hope everyone joins in with my "Travel Scraps" challenge! I think its going to be VERY fun!!

Have a happy day! TTFN.

Go Bananas!

This day is bananas! And here's why . . .

"Banana Split"

My very first collaboration kit with Gwenipooh Designs! Isn't it fun?? I even have a little freebie add-on for you at the end of this post. This kit is perfect for ice cream pictures, birthday, your very own little monkeys, even zoo pics! It's very versatile! Let me show you . . .

Here's my page:

And here's what the Britt Girls created:

I really can't help but just smile at this fun and happy kit! I hope you all like it too!

Alright - let's check out this week's Show Offs.

This week the Show Offs are getting a second chance! A second chance at some past prizes, that is!

Watch your email inboxes for the email with more details!!

If you want to be a Show Off, scroll down to the end of this post for more details.

Here is the add-on I promised ya!! Enjoy.


Hope y'all have a very happy day! I'll see ya later.