It's Friday!

It's Friday!! And that means there's new products from Britt-ish Designs. Today I've got two new items in the store. First up . . .

"2-Pagers: Set 5"

I've been on a 2-Pager kick lately, so I thought I should create some templates that make scrapping a double page spread, a snap!

Check out what I did with one of them!!

(click to enlarge)

And here's what the Britt Girls did with 'em!!

Also new today . . .

"Paper Shapers: Fun Mats"

These shapers can be used in so many way! Use them to mat photos, as frames, blend them, whatever you can think of!! Here are just a few ways to use them, courtesy of the Britt Girls:

Lots of fun uses!

So now that we've released new products, you know what comes next. Show Off Slideshow!!!!

All of this week's Show Offs will be getting my new "Paper Shapers: Fun Mats".

If you'd like to Show Off & get goodies each week, but aren't sure how - read the end of this post for all the details.

And that wraps up my Friday blog post. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! See ya 'round.

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