Another Manic Monday

Well, the big Spring Cleaning retirement sale is over at ScrapMatters and I'm taking all the retired products out of the shop today. It's sad because I have never retired anything before, and its hard to let go of my classic (aka old) stuff!!! It's a part of me, you know?? Ok - I'm being a bit overdramatic, but that's just how I feel!!!

BUT - the good news is after the Spring Cleaning sale is over, Manic Monday at SM is back! And I have a fun mini-kit on sale for just 2 bucks today!

"Springtime for Krista"

It's fun, springy, and happy!! Hope you like it and want to pick it up while its on sale!!!!

ALSO - I have some scrapping challenge news. My cherished, "My Story Matters" has run its course. It's now retired, and in its place I'm hosting a brand new monthly challenge called "Travel Scraps". To quote the challenge description:

"Travel Scraps" is a challenge put in place to help you scrap your vacations!! I know there are many of you out there that struggle like I do to get your vacations scrapped. Whether is a trip to visit our favorite mouse, to travel abroad, family reunions, theme parks, etc., when we go on trips, we come home with WAY too many pictures to get scrapped easily!

Through these monthly challenges you'll get tips, prompts, ideas, and much more to help you scrap your way through those mountains of vacation photos.

And my first Travel Scraps challenge went live yesterday! It's all about 2-pagers and how they really help you get through your vacation photos. I really think 2-Pagers are perfect for scrapping vacations!

Here's my entry . . .

{credits here}

I'm still making my way through our Oct. '07 trip to Disneyland!! I REALLY want to get it finished, but its taking such a long time!! BUT I've been putting off scrapping all these photos, because there were too many for 1 page, and they are just so fun I didn't want to mess them up by scrapping them wrong! HAHA But I really like how they turned out!!

Hope everyone joins in with my "Travel Scraps" challenge! I think its going to be VERY fun!!

Have a happy day! TTFN.

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