a few things you should know

Wow! What an exciting weekend. The launch of brittishdesigns.com went as smoothly as I could have hoped!! SO MANY of you stopped by to say hi and check out the new place! Already we have over 330 newsletter subscribers! WOO HOO! I'm so happy. (If you haven't signed up for the newsletter, make sure you do so!)

There are just a few things you should know about brittishdesigns.com!

1) The Britt-ish Designs Gallery and Internet Explorer are NOT friends.
I've been looking into how to fix this problem, and its more complex than I might be able to do. Everywhere I've read says, "download a friendlier browser such as Firefox". So . . I guess for now that's my advice. If you find yourself visiting the gallery and not being able to see everything (such as a link to register, upload or login) its most likely because you're using IE. Try using a different browser that has less issues like Firefox. I'll keep trying to fix this though!!

2) No Email Notification for Comments.
Unlike other bigger sites, the gallery I'm using doesn't have an option to be emailed whenever you get a comment. Lame, huh? I know. But Coppermine doesn't offer this option as far as I've been able to figure out. So just check back to see your LOs and read the comments.

3) Not planning on having a CT call any time soon.
This is a question I've been getting a lot. I'm not planning on having a CT call as of right now. But sometimes spots open up. So keep showing me your creations via Show Offs, and, of course, post in the Gallery. Those who use my stuff brilliantly are always on my radar!!

Ok I think that's it for now!!! But I can't stand a post without a couple pics, so here is a LO I scrapped over the weekend. Yes, I actually had time (I think its the first time in over a month) to actually SCRAP! It felt so good.

{credits here}

AND here is the LO I scrapped for the MouseScrappers Speed Scrap yesterday!

{credits here}

brittishdesigns.com is a reality!

I'm almost speechless. I can't really explain how happy I am to announce that brittishdesigns.com is officially OPEN!!

I never in a million years thought I'd know how to make a website, and if it weren't for my sweet, generous, selfless, friend Leslie (owner of GG Designs) I would have never been able to make it. Leslie I don't feel I have the words to express how grateful I am for all your help.

To celebrate this big day, I knew I needed a BIG KIT! Something I've been designing in my mind and thinking about for a VERY long time. I proudly present . . .

(And make sure you read to the end of the post for a freebie Hollywood! Add-On.)

AND a grand opening just isn't a GRAND opening without a grab bag!!

Check out the . . .
britt girls inspiration

Are you inspired?! I was totally blow away by their creations this week.

Here's another important announcement! Make sure you sign up for the Britt-ish Designs Newsletter!

I'll be sending newsletters out each Friday with the new products for that week, or when I have a big announcement to make. Make sure you get signed up!!

Oh, and last but not least, here are this week's FABULOUS Show Offs.

Thanks for all the wonderful LOs this week. You're all getting a special prize! "Hollywood Bonus Alpha!" and you're getting it a week early. Everyone else has to wait until next week to see it/buy it!

If you'd like to be a Show Off, but aren't sure how it all works, just read the end of THIS POST!!

And here is your add-on freebie!


So come on in to brittishdesigns.com and make yourself at home! I'm so excited to hear what you all think!! It's been a CRAZY amount of work, but I think the end result is totally worth it. I hope you think so too!!

That's it for today!! HAPPY GRAND OPENING DAY!!!!!

a peek at what's coming

Just thought I'd pop in and give everyone a little peek at just one of the new products I'm releasing tomorrow at the big GRAND OPENING of brittishdesigns.com!

Are you excited for tomorrow?!?! I can't even begin to explain how excited/nervous/stressed/thrilled I am to lauch! It's so close now.

See you tomorrow! XOXOX

is the anticipation killing you?

Sorry for making you wait so long! I meant to get more info to you yesterday but I ended up not having a free moment to blog!!

So . . . the big news is . . .

my grand opening will be THIS FRIDAY!!

Yes, August 27 is the day that brittishdesigns.com will launch!!

And that's the big exciting news!!!!!! I can't wait for Friday. It's going to be the most exciting Friday in Britt-ish Designs history!

See you then!

just show offs today

Well, since today is my last day at ScrapMatters, there won't be any new products! Just Show Offs to enjoy! So, lets get right to it!

The Show Offs are getting a new little template pack that will be in my new shop next week! But they're all getting it a little early.

If you'd like to Show Off and get gifts and be in the weekly slideshow, read THIS POST and find out more details.

reminders, announcements and updates

I've been meaning to log on and make a post ALL WEEK, but I'm seriously SLAMMED with work trying to get everything ready with the new site!! There's just so much to do!

But . . . I wanted to pop in and remind you . . .

Tomorrow (Friday Aug. 20) is the absolute last day to buy any of my retiring products and to use any SM gift codes, coupons, discounts on Britt-ish Designs product you might have. So . . . use 'em or loose 'em, people! Friday night (I'm guessing around midnight) my shop at SM will close for good!

And . . . in non-Britt-ish Designs news!! I wanted to make sure you all knew about this new charity collab. kit called "Hands Across the Gulf". I personally didn't work on it, but Sahlin Studio did, and she's my girl! There is a mind-blowing amount of product included in this collab and 100% of the proceeds from this kit will be donated to the National Wildlife Federation and to the United Way's Gulf Recovery Fund.

Can you believe 45 designers worked together on this?!! And it's only $10!! There are a set of photo actions in there that are worth $10 on their own! And so many templates and of course TONS of papers and elements.

Here is the page I scrapped with this lovely kit!

You can more gorgeous creations made from this kit over at Krista Sahlin's blog and at After Five Designs where this kit is for sale. This kit is only available for one month, so make sure you purchase it and support this awesome cause now while you can!

Ok . . . back to Britt-ish Designs news!!!! You're probably all wondering when the new Britt-ish Designs site and shop is opening!! Well . . . it WILL be some time next week. I have to make sure the site will actually be ready before I announce the specific day! BUT - be prepared for a Grand Opening next week. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

But now, I've gotta get back to work! See you tomorrow for Show Offs (don't forget to send them in!).


ch ch ch changes!

I've been mulling it over in my head all week how to write today's post.

I have some major Britt-ish Designs news.

There's no way to ease into it!! So I'll just spit it out . . .

Britt-ish Designs is MOVING!!

Yes, I'm leaving ScrapMatters after 3 wonderful years! I was there on opening day and leaving this wonderful site is going to be VERY tough! It's not a decision I came to easily. But I know its the right thing to do for me.

I'm opening up my own little shop! My goal is to simplify my life, my work, and give myself the freedom (both in business and creatively) to really enjoy my job even more!

So . . . my shop at ScrapMatters is closing in just 1 week!! And its totally impossible to take my ENTIRE inventory to the new shop. So, lots of stuff will be retired forever after this week is up. And guess what - everything that's being retired is 50% OFF!

If you visit the "CLEARANCE" category at SM, you'll find all my 50% off "last chance" products. If you've ever wanted any of these items, this week really is your last chance to get them.

So that's my big news!!! It's huge, right?! I'm still overwhelmed by it! BIG CHANGES for Britt-ish Designs.

OH!! And if you're holding on to any Gift Certificates or codes good for Britt-ish Designs products, you'll want to use those before Aug. 20th as well, as they won't work at the new shop.

And stay tuned, because more big announcements about my new little shop will be popping up very soon, including information about the Grand Opening!

Show Offs - I have not forgotten about you! Here is this week's Show Off Slideshow:

For this week's gift the Show Offs get a choice! You can either request an old gift from the past (yes, any past Disney gifts or other Show Off gifts) OR you can have a $2.00 Gift Code to use. But you do have to use the code THIS WEEK before my SM shop closes. I'll be sending you all emails with this info and you then respond telling me your choice!

If you'd like to Show Off and get awesome gifts and be in the weekly slideshow, read THIS POST and find out all about Showing Off.

And that's my post for today. I hope you have fun shopping for "last chance" products!!

I'll see you soon with lots more info about the move and about my new little shop.


meet me at Disney World!

BIG news!! Carol, the owner of MouseScrappers, has convinced me to join her on a meet & greet/whirlwind vacation at Disney World this fall!!!!!

We'll be enjoying the Halloween Season at Disney World!! I actually fly in the 23rd and fly out the 28th, so I'll be in the parks from the 24 - 27! I would LOVE IT if we could have a big meet up one of those days and also if you want to join Carol and I for a meal, or some rides, etc. that would be awesome too!!!!

If you schedule your trip and book before this Saturday, Aug. 14th, you can get FREE DINING!!!! Which is how Carol convinced me to go! haha!!! The deals are GREAT right now. And you can just put your deposit down now and then you have a large window of time to cancel and get your deposit back. But if you're even considering it, book by Saturday to get the free dining!

Carol can help you book your trip (she's a travel agent and I swear she knows EVERYTHING!!) So, if you send her a Private Message (username Carolc) at Mouse Scrappers or send her a message HERE, she can totally help you out!

Carol and I are staying at Pop Century Resort. So you could even stay in the same resort as us. Maybe we could have a little pool party! The ideas and possibilities are just rushing through my head!

If you can come, PLEASE let me know!! Email me at designerbrittney at gmail dot com. I can't wait to see who I might be able to meet!!!

It's a great excuse for a couples weekend away, a mother-daughter trip, a girlfriend trip, etc!!

So . . . YAY! I'm going to Orlando, people. Who's with me!?

how could I forget?!

Oh dear! I totally forgot to mention the big news!!

ScrapMatters BIG BIRTHDAY SALE starts today!!!!

Everything is 30% off and the free kit with $20 purchase is SOOOO cute! You're definitely gonna want to get it!


we're back and it's Friday already!

Hello blog readers!!! I'm back from camping (with a hundred mosquito bites). We had a wonderful time! LOTS of fun!! And whoa, its FRIDAY already! I always need a little down-time after we get back from vacation, and this Friday just crept right up on me!

ANYWAY - here's what I'm releasing today:

"Primary Stripes"

A super fun paper pack with classic primary colored stripes!

Check out what the Britt Girls created with them:

By Kim:

By Wendy:

By Melissa:

Aren't they cool!?!

Alrighty - well get ready for a Show Off slideshow full of 2-week's worth of wonderful LOs!

Thanks to everyone who showed off over the past two weeks! You'll all be getting my new "Primary Stripes" paper pack.

If you'd like to learn about Showing Off and getting gifts, read THIS POST.

And that's it for today. Sorry to be short and sweet today! I'll see you guys later!!