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I've been meaning to log on and make a post ALL WEEK, but I'm seriously SLAMMED with work trying to get everything ready with the new site!! There's just so much to do!

But . . . I wanted to pop in and remind you . . .

Tomorrow (Friday Aug. 20) is the absolute last day to buy any of my retiring products and to use any SM gift codes, coupons, discounts on Britt-ish Designs product you might have. So . . . use 'em or loose 'em, people! Friday night (I'm guessing around midnight) my shop at SM will close for good!

And . . . in non-Britt-ish Designs news!! I wanted to make sure you all knew about this new charity collab. kit called "Hands Across the Gulf". I personally didn't work on it, but Sahlin Studio did, and she's my girl! There is a mind-blowing amount of product included in this collab and 100% of the proceeds from this kit will be donated to the National Wildlife Federation and to the United Way's Gulf Recovery Fund.

Can you believe 45 designers worked together on this?!! And it's only $10!! There are a set of photo actions in there that are worth $10 on their own! And so many templates and of course TONS of papers and elements.

Here is the page I scrapped with this lovely kit!

You can more gorgeous creations made from this kit over at Krista Sahlin's blog and at After Five Designs where this kit is for sale. This kit is only available for one month, so make sure you purchase it and support this awesome cause now while you can!

Ok . . . back to Britt-ish Designs news!!!! You're probably all wondering when the new Britt-ish Designs site and shop is opening!! Well . . . it WILL be some time next week. I have to make sure the site will actually be ready before I announce the specific day! BUT - be prepared for a Grand Opening next week. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

But now, I've gotta get back to work! See you tomorrow for Show Offs (don't forget to send them in!).


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