ch ch ch changes!

I've been mulling it over in my head all week how to write today's post.

I have some major Britt-ish Designs news.

There's no way to ease into it!! So I'll just spit it out . . .

Britt-ish Designs is MOVING!!

Yes, I'm leaving ScrapMatters after 3 wonderful years! I was there on opening day and leaving this wonderful site is going to be VERY tough! It's not a decision I came to easily. But I know its the right thing to do for me.

I'm opening up my own little shop! My goal is to simplify my life, my work, and give myself the freedom (both in business and creatively) to really enjoy my job even more!

So . . . my shop at ScrapMatters is closing in just 1 week!! And its totally impossible to take my ENTIRE inventory to the new shop. So, lots of stuff will be retired forever after this week is up. And guess what - everything that's being retired is 50% OFF!

If you visit the "CLEARANCE" category at SM, you'll find all my 50% off "last chance" products. If you've ever wanted any of these items, this week really is your last chance to get them.

So that's my big news!!! It's huge, right?! I'm still overwhelmed by it! BIG CHANGES for Britt-ish Designs.

OH!! And if you're holding on to any Gift Certificates or codes good for Britt-ish Designs products, you'll want to use those before Aug. 20th as well, as they won't work at the new shop.

And stay tuned, because more big announcements about my new little shop will be popping up very soon, including information about the Grand Opening!

Show Offs - I have not forgotten about you! Here is this week's Show Off Slideshow:

For this week's gift the Show Offs get a choice! You can either request an old gift from the past (yes, any past Disney gifts or other Show Off gifts) OR you can have a $2.00 Gift Code to use. But you do have to use the code THIS WEEK before my SM shop closes. I'll be sending you all emails with this info and you then respond telling me your choice!

If you'd like to Show Off and get awesome gifts and be in the weekly slideshow, read THIS POST and find out all about Showing Off.

And that's my post for today. I hope you have fun shopping for "last chance" products!!

I'll see you soon with lots more info about the move and about my new little shop.


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