one last show off before maternity leave

Hi guys! Just wanted to make an announcement that this coming Friday, March 4th, will be the last Show Off week until after maternity leave. Since this baby could come any time now, I'm not positive when my maternity leave will officially begin, but I've decided that Show Offs will go on leave after this week!

So - get those Show Offs in for one more gift & slideshow before we take a baby break!

c'mon everybody . . . here we goooooo!

We're OFF TO NEVERLAND with this week's new kit!

"Never Grow Up"

And - for added ease of scrapping - I've got a coordinating cluster pack too!

"Never Grow Up: Clusters"

And as usual, I DO have a freebie add-on for you at the end of today's post!

I've been wanting to do a full size Peter Pan kit FOREVER and I finally decided the time was right! I hope you guys love it as much as I do!!! Here's what I scrapped with it. I did a 2-pager. I've been holding onto these photos for a LONG time, waiting on myself to make this kit! HAHA!!

and from my fabulous Britt Girls:

Isn't this kit great? I know I should be modest, but I just LOVE IT and I can't wait to scrap with it again! heehee

Also new in the shop today, I've got all the My Baby Love clusters and quick pages that were once available on the Babypalooza Blog Hop. So if you missed them before, they are now available in the shop:

"My Baby Love: Clusters & Quick Pages"

Alrighty - that's all the new product for today. Let's move on to this week's Show Off slideshow:

Each of the Show Offs are getting my new "Never Grow Up: Clusters" as their gift this week. Thanks so much for sending in your work, ladies!

Read all about how to be a Show Off yourself and get free gifts each week on this blog post!

Here is the add-on freebie for "Never Grow Up" that I promised!!


That concludes today's post! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Josh and I have a few things left on our "to-do" list to get ready for Baby Scarlett's arrival. But we're getting pretty close to as ready as we can be. Not totally 100% ready yet, but getting close!

See ya!!

new kit tomorrow!!

I've got an EXCITING new kit tomorrow! I can't wait for you guys to see it. Here's a little sneak peek to tide you over.

See ya tomorrow!!!!

new goodies in the shop!

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments about Baby Scarlett's name and for having fun with Britt-ish Designs and Sahlin Studio last weekend at Babypalooza! It was a great time, and I'm really getting more and more excited for our baby to get here as each day passes.

Today I've got some fun new items in the shop . . .

"In Stitches: Circles"

"Hand Drawn Dates"

Aren't these fun?! Here's the page I scrapped with 'em! (I couldn't help but turn those circle stitches into Mickey ears. It was just too easy!!)

and some more inspiration from the Britt Girls:

Aren't the Britt Girls layouts great? Thanks girls!!

Ok . . . time to enjoy this week's Show Offs.

Thanks to everyone who showed off this week! Read all about how to be a Show Off yourself and get free gifts each week on this blog post!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! See ya soon.

name that baby

As a final Babypalooza "moment" I decided it is time to finally share the name we've chose for our baby girl. We've been pretty sure of her name for a while now, and anyone who asks me in real life already knows. It hasn't been a secret or anything, I just haven't taken the time to write up a post about her name.

Josh & I don't agree on many names. But when I brought this name up, he loved it. And so did I. It was not a hard choice.

So . . . the name we've chosen is Scarlett. Scarlett Ann. My middle name is Ann and so is my mom's. We're pretty positive that's who she is. I guess its always possible that we'll look at her in the hospital and realize we were wrong, but as of right now it just feels like that she is Scarlett.

Ummm, can I just say that the fact that my little countdown tracker on the sidebar is saying "26 days to go" is FREAKING ME OUT!! It's so soon.

Josh & I started our three-week prenatal classes at the hospital this past week and it was really good. We have two birth & baby classes and one breast feeding class on the last week. The class this week was very informative and we both learned a ton. I guess next week we'll be watching some live birth videos, but both of us are big whimps when it comes to medical stuff, so I'm not sure we'll be watching everything. I know, I know, I have to actually go through my own delivery, so I'm going to force myself to watch as much as possible. Here's hoping neither of us passes out or anything else embarrassing like that.

Anyway - I'm really happy to have shared Scarlett's name with all of you. We call her by name pretty much all the time, and now I can do that here in the digi-world as well.

Psst . . . I hope you've all enjoyed Babypalooza! Today's the last day to get the 20% discount on all baby products.

last august . . .

Hi there! Babypalooza is in full swing around here, and I'm lovin' it!

I wanted to show you the LO I scrapped with Krista's new "I'll Love You Forever" collection. These photos are so special and I couldn't believe the true emotion I snapped as we shared our baby news with Josh's family members.

full credits here

I can't believe this was last August and its already mid-February. Time has really flown by. I guess that's what happens when you're havin' fun.

welcome to the blog hop

Welcome the the Babypalooza blog hop!! If you're already hoppin' from Sahlin Studio's team, you're well on your way. But if you're starting here - that's GREAT! It's all one big loop, so you'll eventually make your way around getting all the freebies!!!

The freebies you will be collecting have all been created using my new baby mega-kit: "My Baby Love".

and my new Word Art: "My Baby Love: More Words".

OR Krista's new collection "I'll Love You Forever", both of which are on sale for 20% off this weekend only (2/11 - 2/13).

Here is my freebie for you! I turned my layout into a quickpage:

{download expired. thanks for your interest.}

This download is available for a limited time! It will only be an active freebie through Thursday, Feb. 17!

You might have blog hopped to my blog from Courtney's blog.

But your NEXT STOP IS Jen Davey's blog! Hop on over there for another freebie! Then just keep on hoppin' til you've got 'em all!

In case you get lost along the way, here's the full blog hop list:

Britt -
Jen -
Melissa -
Tanya -
Natasha -
Krista -
Val -
Krista (norton94) -
Becca -
Leigh -
Iva -
Diane -
Court -

Happy Babypalooza!!

hey-o! it's babypalooza!

The clock has struck midnight here in Utah, which means its time for me to kick off Babypalooza!!

Sahlin Studio & I decided it was time to celebrate all the baby-goodness going on. Krista's sis is expecting, my baby is just 4 weeks from arriving, and so many of our friends and team members have either just had babies or are expecting them soon! So we dreamed up Babypalooza . . .

ALL of our baby products, including the new stuff we're releasing today are 20% this weekend only (Feb. 11- 13). Plus, we have a very fun Blog Hop starting in about 6 hours (check back here in the mornin'!), and of course we'll be announcing the winners of our "spread the word" giveaway!!

But before I get to the winners, I can't wait any longer to show you what new products I've got coming out today. Baby fever is running HOT here in the Leavitt house, and I went a little crazy creating this mega-kit!!

"My Baby Love"

and . . .

"My Baby Love: More Words"

(I do have an add-on freebie for you too at the very end of this post, so read through the whole thing! heehee)

Here's the page I scrapped using My Baby Love:

My baby shower last Saturday was such a dream! If you can believe it, I opened presents for an hour and a half STRAIGHT! It was so much fun and I was just completely blown away by everyone's generosity to my new little family. When we got everything unloaded from my car into our house, we had to laugh and take a picture of the HAUL! To the mama go the spoils, I guess!!

I'm so excited to use this kit on lots of baby pages! I feel like I barely scratched the surface using this kit for one page. There's still so much more I want to do with it.

Check out what the Britt Girls created:

Fun, huh?

It's time to announce which lucky scrappers have won my new "My Baby Love" mega-kit, and word art pack AND the extra lucky scrapper who wins both my new baby products as well as Krista Sahlin's new "I'll Love You Forever (entire collection) Bundle" (thats a little over $23 in new goodies!).

The winner of my new kit & my new word art pack is . . .


And the grand prize winner who will get my new kit, word art, and Krista's entire collection bundle is . . .

Terri (meterr)

CONGRATS to these lucky ladies. Please send me an email at designerbrittney at gmail dot com and I'll get you your download links ASAP!!

OK, so ALL of my baby products are 20% off this weekend!! Not just the new stuff, ALL of my baby stuff. Here are the other Britt-ish Designs baby items you can snag on sale.

All of these items are also 20% off!!!!

And you can still grab both my add-on freebie AND Erica Zane's for Itty Bitty!!

download here

download from Erica's blog

The Sunshine In My Soul Add-On Freebie is also still available:

download here

and last but not least . . .

OK, shall we enjoy this week's Show Off slideshow? Here we go . . .

All of this week's Show Offs are getting my new "My Baby Love: More Words". Thanks so much for sending in your layouts!!

Read all about how to be a Show Off yourself and get free gifts each week on this blog post!

And lastly, I didn't forget about the new add-on FREEBIE!! Here it is . . .


Well, I hope you all have fun celebrating babies with us whether you have your own, are expecting one soon (or someday), or your babies are all grown up, or even if you just share in that love of holding someone else's baby and smelling that yummy baby smell!!


arriving tomorrow . . .

Babypalooza starts tonight at midnight. And you still have until 9pm tonight (Mountain Time) to enter our giveaway! Are you getting excited??

I thought today I'd give you a little peek at what's coming out tomorrow! So here you go:

(click to enlarge)

See you all at midnight tonight for the Babypalooza kick-off! Ta ta!