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As a final Babypalooza "moment" I decided it is time to finally share the name we've chose for our baby girl. We've been pretty sure of her name for a while now, and anyone who asks me in real life already knows. It hasn't been a secret or anything, I just haven't taken the time to write up a post about her name.

Josh & I don't agree on many names. But when I brought this name up, he loved it. And so did I. It was not a hard choice.

So . . . the name we've chosen is Scarlett. Scarlett Ann. My middle name is Ann and so is my mom's. We're pretty positive that's who she is. I guess its always possible that we'll look at her in the hospital and realize we were wrong, but as of right now it just feels like that she is Scarlett.

Ummm, can I just say that the fact that my little countdown tracker on the sidebar is saying "26 days to go" is FREAKING ME OUT!! It's so soon.

Josh & I started our three-week prenatal classes at the hospital this past week and it was really good. We have two birth & baby classes and one breast feeding class on the last week. The class this week was very informative and we both learned a ton. I guess next week we'll be watching some live birth videos, but both of us are big whimps when it comes to medical stuff, so I'm not sure we'll be watching everything. I know, I know, I have to actually go through my own delivery, so I'm going to force myself to watch as much as possible. Here's hoping neither of us passes out or anything else embarrassing like that.

Anyway - I'm really happy to have shared Scarlett's name with all of you. We call her by name pretty much all the time, and now I can do that here in the digi-world as well.

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