borders and jellies

Good morning and happy Friday! Check out my new products in the store today . . .

"Doodlie-Do: Page Borders"

These doodle borders were the prize from my Speed Scrap this past Monday. But for all those who couldn't make it, its in the shop now!!

And . . .

"Jellies: Blooms"

A fun new pack of flowers and a few leaves. :) Here's what the Britt Girls created with the new products:

By Kim:

By Melissa:

By Fonnetta:

By Christy:

By Wendy:

By Leda:

By Jenny:

By Krista:

By Amanda:

Aren't they so fun and diverse?! Tons of variety.

Alrighty - time for Show Offs . . .

There were a TON of Show Offs this week! I love that. All my Show Offs this week will be getting my new "Jellies: Blooms" as their gift.

If you notice your show off is missing or you don't get my email today, please email me and let me know!

Or if you'd like to start showing off and getting prizes, find out how at the end of this post.

And that's it for today. Hope you all have a great Friday! I'm in Arizona until Saturday night. We had our photo session yesterday and it went fairly well. It's a lot of work getting a 7 mo. old AND a 3 year old to look at the camera and smile at the same time. Harder than I expected. BUT we got enough great shots that we came away happy. It's driving me nuts not to be able to edit them and check 'em out in detail right away. I've got to wait 'til I get home and have all the programs I need. . . I'll post some on the blog once I get home and get them edited.

ANYWAY - I'm rambling. Gotta go! TTFN!

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