I scrapped!!

Hey look! I scrapped. It's been a while, but I had to post a new "My Story Matters" challenge at SM yesterday, so I had to make some time to scrap.

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I hope lots of you will come scrap this challenge with me. I'm pretty sure we're only about 6 weeks away from finishing this "My Story Matters" challenge series. No one is doing them anymore (I had zero participation in December - sad huh?), but I'm determined to finish the series for my own personal book!! Even if not one person enters.

A couple more things. I'm SO EXCITED to say that I'm going to be SPEED SCRAPPING on Wednesday night (with host Jami)! I haven't done a Speed Scrap in forever. And I can't wait to join in once again. I hope to see LOTS OF YOU there too.

And last but not least - I wanted to share a few photos from my New Year's Eve celebration! My brother and sister in law invited us over to their house and we had a nice quiet evening playing games, eating snacks and then watching fireworks from the valley below out their window! It was quite a nice view from their place. Then we stayed VERY LATE playing Banangrams. We were all hooked. We couldn't stop playing. It was such a fun, casual, relaxing New Year's Eve. Just how I like it.

Thanks so much for inviting us over Christian and Marci! We had a great time ringing in 2010 with you guys.

Alrighty - I gotta get back to work now! TTFN

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