I've been banned from the DIS!

OH MY GOOD CRAP!! I just got banned from the DIS for life. Wow. I didn't even do anything. I haven't made one post there today with everything going on. NOTHING.

I got a message saying the following:

Dear designerbrittney,

You have received an infraction at The DIS Discussion Forums - DISboards.com.

Reason: Registered to Spam
This infraction is worth 100 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:

---Quote (Originally by Pooh46)---
_Britt_ - That photo blending is awesome! What is the blended photo a picture of? I love the jounraling along the border and your layering/cluster is beautiful, as always.
---End Quote---
The photo is of what the floor mosaic in the center of the esplanade. It's kind of a compass. It's very cool!!
---End Quote---

Ok - so my answering a question was Spam? What?!?!! Then I tried to respond to the message and got this screen:

So. Please don't try and PM me or anything over there. Cuz I'm banned forever. Wow. How sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. I never use the DIS for advertising. I'm VERY careful not to. Wow. I cannot believe this just happened!!

I honestly NEVER abuse the DIS for advertising and personal profit. EVER. What a joke. I'm just so saddened. I hope none of my other DIS pals are being banned too!!!!!! So - apparently my choice to move to MouseScrappers was a good one! WOW. I'm just blow away. I'm trying really hard not to have hurt feelings or take this personally. But they like sought me out and banned me. FOR NO GOOD REASON. I wish at least I'd have done something to warrant it!! SHEESH!

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