ATTENTION Disney Scrappers!

Well, many of you know by now that there's been a big drama-fest at the DIS today. I have chosen not to become involved in the debates, but instead turn my efforts toward finding a new place to have our beloved little group and our weekly challenges. SO MANY of you recently joined in on our fun challenges at the DIS, but we do have to move sites in order to keep it going. So I hope you'll follow us to our new home . . .!

Carol, the owner of MouseScrappers is waiting with open arms! No longer will we have any drama about our challenges whatsoever!! It's crazy that after 74 weeks of challenges, we are having to make this move, but I think its going to be PERFECT for us at MS!! In addition to being able to have our challenges there, they also have all these boards to share your Disney related LOs. If your page is from Epcot, you post in the Epcot section, if your page is from Disneyland, you post in the Disneyland section. Such a fun way to share our work and get Disney inspiration from each other. AND she's welcomed us to carry on our same schedule for challenges as well as share links and preview to the Disney digi-scrap product that we find!!!

I urge everyone who is a Disney Scrapper to come join us there for all the fun! We will NOT be bad-talking the DIS in any way at our new home. Let go of that frustration and annoyance you feel and just come have fun with us at MS!! The funny thing is, that none of us digi-scrappers EVER STARTED the drama that went on at the DIS. But it was always directed at us!! Let's keep ourselves drama free at our new home. K??

Fran is hosting this week's challenge!! It's will be up and running in this board very soon!!

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