Backstreet's Back!

Ok let the snickers and mocking begin. When I was 14, I liked the Backstreet Boys. But c'mon! I'm pretty sure everyone my age loved them. I decided to share my embarrassing love of this Boy Band for my new "My Story Matters" challenge that starts today.

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This installment of the My Story challenges is all about what music/bands you liked when you were 12 - 14 years old! So funny. Now, don't misunderstand me. I liked them when I was 14. I'm definitely not one of those fans who is still excited that they're getting together and touring or something. I'm over it. But when I was 14 they were so cool and I listed to those first couple albums over and over and over. hahaha

One last thing! There's a "Mystery Speed Scrap" tomorrow morning at 10:00 Mountain Time tomorrow!! What a fun way to start off your week!

I have to be somewhere at 11:00, but I'll be there to chat a bit at the beginning!

Have a great day!

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