So . . .

We're currently in the midst of ripping our house apart. While I was at Disney World, Josh was a busy guy!  The ugly paneling has FINALLY come down, and the sparkly ceilings have been scraped off!!  YAY!  But now we've got the task of sanding and scraping the old glue off the walls and using plaster to make the walls smooth. Oh joy.

But here's where I'm stumped: I have NO IDEAS for how to decorate the living room. I've got plenty of ideas for the baby's room. But nothing for our front room. Our living room and dining room are one open space. Oh and my "office" area is in this room too. We REALLY want to rip up the carpet and put in wood floors (laminate is fine with us). But we're not sure we have the money to do that yet. So for now the carpet stays I guess.

Do you have any favorite sites, or blogs that have great decorating and/or organizational ideas? I really would like to start envisioning what it could look like and picking a paint color.  From the ideas I've looked at so far, I'm leaning toward white walls.  Is that too boring??

We don't want to buy new furniture so whatever we do needs to work with our current dark brown leather sofa, white desk and white wooden IKEA entertainment center thingy.  We will be in the market, eventually, for a new dining room table and chairs.

Any ideas, links, etc would be greatly appreciated!

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