let there be light!

Thanks so much to everyone who has already responded to my plea for a Green Bean Casserole recipe! Lots of you had great tips! I think the verdict is (drumroll please). . .

I'll just go with the recipe on the French's Fried Onion can. SO MANY of you said that's what you use and it sounds yummy and easy to me! There were a few fancier recipes suggested that sounded good, but I think I'll keep it simple for my first go-round! Thanks to you all!!

Progress on our home renovations is really coming along! Today we had the contractor who did our dry wall work come back and install new recessed lights!! We've never had overhead lights in our living room, we only had lamps. So today was a BIG DAY for us!

The lights look wonderful! Josh and I said to each other that this room has never been so bright at night. And my smart husband had the idea of putting the front two lights and the back two lights on different switches with dimmers for watching TV and other times we want a custom light setting. So, not only do we have awesome new lights we have the option of creating whatever mood lighting strikes our fancy!

We could have tried putting in the lights ourselves, but after a lot of thought, and going over our money situation (there's never enough money around the holidays!) we just went ahead and had a professional do them. We didn't have any switches already installed for overhead lights, so we had to wire two three-way switches (since we have a switch by the door and a switch near the hall). Between Josh and my dad they probably could have figured out how to do that, but knowing it was being done exactly right and having it done in just a few hours was worth it! It probably seems silly to be so excited about lights, but its soooo nice! And it really updates the look of our room!

Hey! Did you realize Tangled opens tomorrow?! I'm super excited.

I don't think I'll fight the holiday crowds to see it right away, but I am very excited to see it! I hope its good. If not, I'll be very disappointed.

My mom and I made a special effort to make sure and meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at the Magic Kingdom last month. They were adorable and so much fun to meet!

I'll be sure to post a review after we see it. I swear all we do is work on the house these days, but I'm sure we can sneak away for a movie night sometimes in the next couple weeks!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week! Time is just flying by. I've got some fun Black Friday fun planned for Britt-ish Designs, so make sure you pay me a visit (more details are coming).

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