recipe help!

Hey blog readers. Does anyone out there have a tried-and-true Green Bean Casserole recipe they'd be willing to share with me?? I just got my assignment for Thanksgiving dinner. We're going my aunt and uncle's house and I'm bringing Green Bean Casserole.

(thanks to Flickr for the photo)

It's not something we normally have at Thanksgiving in my family, I don't have a family recipe to use. I've had other people's Green Bean Casserole and so I know I like it, and I'm excited to make it for the first time!

Obviously, I could just Google a recipe, but I'd rather have it come from someone who can say "this is my yummy recipe". That way I know I'm getting a good one!!

I like canned beans and condensed soup! I'm not looking to make this harder than it needs to be! The easier the better!!

Thanks in advance for your help!

What are you guys making for Thanksgiving this year? Anything new? The old family favorites? I love recipes, so let's talk FOOD!!

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