one more day at 40% off!

Hey there! Just popping in with a quick reminder that today is the last day of my Black Friday 40% off sale.

My entire shop (minus grab bags & bundles) is 40% off! (sale ends at midnight MST tonight)

So go grab a few more Black Friday bargains while you can!!!

My Black Friday Grab Bag will remain in the store until midnight on Thursday. Then its getting divided up and released into the store separately. So you still have the rest of the week to snag the grab bag.

Has everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend? Besides doing ONE crazy midnight sale at the mall, and running the Britt-ish Designs Black Friday FUN, I've pretty much been sick in bed with a nasty cold. HOWEVER - I did pull myself out of bed for a VERY special Christmas project I've been working on with my mom and my aunt!! It's almost done, and I cannot WAIT to show you guys!

Have you entered the Black Friday 'Holiday Magic' Challenge yet? If not, get those entries in before midnight tonight!!! I'll announce the winner first thing Monday morning.

Have a great day! Enjoy those last few hours of the weekend.

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