Tips To Surviving NSD Weekend

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Hey there!! Just popping in to give you some tips to surviving NSD weekend!!

* Try, try again! If the SM shop isn't loading, or you get errors, or white blank pages, just keep trying. Hit refresh. Our server people are trying to fix it, but this happens EVERY time we have a big sale like this. Just try to remain calm and patient.

* Try off hours. In the middle of the night you might have more luck in the shop!

* Wait to download. If you can wait 'til Monday or Tuesday to download your purchases, you'll not only get faster download speeds, you'll also free up the site for someone else to shop!

* Remain calm. SM always takes care of our customers. If you have a problem I can almost guarantee you that SM will do right by you and fix whatever needs to be fixed just as quickly as humanly possible. So just stay calm and try not to get too annoyed with our limping site!!!!

Believe me, I wish I could magically make our site not lag when our traffic peaks like this. We're doing our very best!!

Thanks for hanging in there and trying to get those Britt-ish Designs purchases made!!!!

As a special thank you - here is a little gifty for everyone!!!!!


I have Mickey on the brain (but what's new?) because I'm going to be in Disneyland in 6 days!!!!! WOO HOO! Just a short little weekend trip, but it will be a much needed break and reward for surviving this crazy weekend!

Hope everyone enjoys the freebie and has a WONDERFUL NSD weekend! Don't forget to pick up my grab bag!!!

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