DSD Speed Scrap

Hi everyone!! Are you all having a good DSD so far?

Well, the fun has just begun! There's a Speed Scrap starting at 7:00 pm MST TONIGHT!!

(6pm PST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST)

The instructions will be posted at the bottom of this post every 10 minutes starting at 7:00pm as well as my Facebook page!

Come chat live with us during the Speed Scrap at the MouseScrappers Chat Room.

[Special thanks to Carol and MouseScrappers for letting us borrow the chat room.]

Once I have given all 7 instructions during the first hour - you then only have 1 MORE HOUR to complete your page. Everyone who finishes ON TIME will get a prize. You HAVE to post your LO by 9:00 PM MST (that's 8pm PST / 10pm CST / 11pm EST) to get the prize. This is a TRUE speedy speed scrap!!! You gotta be quick to get the prize.


* You have to use at least 1 Britt-ish Designs item (even a little staple will suffice).
* Follow the 7 instructions given during the 1st hour of the Speed Scrap.
* You have to post it to the Britt-ish Designs Speed Scrap Gallery before time is up!
* You do NOT need to come back to link up in this post. <-- this is a change from previous speed scraps. Repeat: You DO NOT need to comment on this post to complete the Speed Scrap. * Comment on lots of your fellow Speed Scrappers' creations. Spread the love. If you follow the rules and have finished on time - you get this prize:

I'll be posting the 7 steps every 10 minutes starting at 11:00 MST here:

1) Pick 3 photos.
2) Pick a plethora of papers (you define what plethora means, but to me its somewhere around 5 or more).
3) I want to see at least 1 doodled or hand-drawn item (fonts do NOT count).
4) Add at least 1 word strip and make it touch one of your photos.
5) Add some curly string or curly ribbon.
6) Title your page with a cute alpha. Add an embellishment to the alpha.
7) Journal a little (or a lot). Make your font a color besides black or white. Add the date too.

Here's my page:


You now have 1 hour - YES only 1 hour!! - to finish up your layout & get it posted in the Britt-ish Designs Speed Scrap Gallery.

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