on a stay-cation (of sorts)

Well, today's not my typical Friday post. We are actually staying at my parents' house this week while we have our wood floors refinished. (Wait 'til I get home and can post some before & after pictures!) And we were planning on only being away for a couple days, but we had them do a "third coat" thing to the floors and it increased the cure time substantially. So - what turned into a couple days away has turned into a lengthy little "stay-cation" at my mom & dad's house.

It's been really nice, I have to admit, being away from the computer, away from work, away from the norm. Scarlett has loved being here (different toys, different rooms to explore, new cupboards to pillage). And she's slowly made my parent's dog her new BFF.

It's not like we don't come here at least once a week anyway, but spending days here is a new experience for her. All we've been doing is playing, going outside, reading, and relaxing in the peace & quiet. When does that ever happen? NEVER! It's been heaven.

Plus, last night my dad stayed home with Scarlett (Josh was staying back at our house because all the windows have to stay open for it to cure faster) and me and my mom went to a chick flick! It was FUN!!

Ok, back to the point. Today I'll be doing a quick reveal of what was in my 2012 NSD Grab Bag. And of course, giving you the Show Off Slideshow. But I'll have to wait and put the NSD Grab Bag stuff into the store and to get the Show Offs their gift until Monday, when I'm home. I also had big plans to launch the May Flashback Challenge today, but that's going to have to wait 'til Monday too. I'm working from my mom's computer here and there's only so much I can do. You know?

Before I get to the reveal, I just wanted to stop and say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who made my NSD sale a success!! Sorry if this is sappy, but it means the world to me that I get to run Britt-ish Designs AND be a stay-at-home mom. And it would NOT be possible, if it weren't for you. Thank you. So very much.

Ok - here's what was in the grab bag, and what will be in the store on Monday.

Lots of fun stuff, huh? If you didn't get the chance to grab it all last week for just $3, don't worry it'll be back in the shop on Monday (at regular price).

Ok . . . let's sit back and enjoy this week's Show Off Slideshow.

Like I mentioned earlier, Show Offs will have to sit tight and wait for their gift on Monday. But I promise, it IS coming!!

Alrighty - hope you all have a very fun weekend. Thanks for being patient with me while I take an impromptu stay-cation! We should be home in the next day or two!! TTFN.

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