weekly scarlett update

Today Scarlett is 45 weeks old. Can you believe it?! Only 7 weeks until she's 1. Holy crap. Everyone tells you that time just flies by and they grow up so fast, and man are they right.

Anyway - I'm still going strong with her weekly photo project. I can't wait to make glossy, beautiful coffee table books for the grandparents and for us too. I had a request to show some of the process we go through to get her photos each week and to see some of the outtakes.

Since its winter, the light isn't the best. So lately, my photos have had noise & some motion blur. But oh well!! I just do my best and that's all I can do.

This morning Scarlett was not in a happy mood. She was a total roller coaster. She was tired and grouchy one minute. (I'm leaving all of these uncropped so you can see the process)

And happy and crazy the next minute!

If I'm lucky (like today), Josh still hasn't left for work yet, so he can help me get her to look up, not roll away, and get a good picture. Today, the method was holding up our Ariel Animator's doll. This seemed to keep her attention.

I was so excited to finally get to use this snowy fabric. We haven't had any snow this season!! I couldn't believe it was the end of January and we are just now seeing any snow!

She's getting so big now I have to stand up on a chair!

I really wanted her to show us one of her tricks, like clapping or peek-a-boo or 'so big'. But she was no cooperating whatsoever. So, we just gotta go with what she wants to do.

And here's the final picture with the photoshopped number. I FINALLY got her a new white onesie this week. She's 10 months old and I was still squeezing her into her same 0-3 month one! Can you believe it?! We had stretched it out to the max.

Some weeks its really easy and I can get the shot I want in a few snaps (well, let's be honest, I've never taken less than 20). But most weeks its a longer process. And then some weeks it's a struggle and I end up frustrated as does Scarlett. One of the hardest weeks, I was on my own (no Josh to help) and had to take over 160 frames to get a good one. But we try to make it a happy, fun project and not get too stressed out about it.

(You can see all Scarlett's weekly photos on my Flickr stream.)

Has anyone out there started a weekly, monthly baby photo project? I'd love to see!

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