i've been workin' on the railroad

. . . all the live-long day! Trains! Trains! Trains! I think its so funny how we've all probably got a train photo or two (or twenty) in our stash. We all seem to love a good train ride. Or maybe you have a train collector, or builder, or just a huge Thomas fan in your household.

Whatever the locomotive occasion, I've got a brand new kit that will help you scrap it out.

"Workin' On The Railroad"

and a bonus alpha too . . .

"Workin' On The Railroad Bonus Alpha"

And, I do have a little add-on freebie for ya at the end of this post too!!

I, as you may have guessed, have LOTS of Disneyland Railroad pictures to scrap. So I started with Scarlett's first ride . . .

And here are some awesome layouts from the Britt Girls!

Isn't this kit fun?! I tried to make it as versatile as possible. So you could scrap anything from baby photos, to school photos, to Thomas the Tank Engine mania!! :) Hope you all enjoy it.

It's time, once again, to enjoy the Show Offs. So here we go!

Each of this week's Show Offs will get my new Workin' On The Railroad Bonus Alpha as their gift.

Interested in Showing Off!? Learn all about how it works HERE. Our next slideshow/gift will be on February 3rd.

And last, but not least, here's that add-on freebie I promised ya.


Have a fantastic weekend, full of scrappin' fun. TOOT TOOT!!!!

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