digi-scrap stats: 2011

There's a trend out there right now of tabulating your 2011 Digi-Scrap stats, and picking your top 10 favorite pages of the year. And well, it just looked like a LOT of fun. So - here we go!

Pages Scrapped: 94
That's almost 8 a month. Not bad. But getting that close to 100 was just frustrating! So my goal for 2012 is to make it to 100 AT LEAST!

Pages Left Unfinished: 0
I'm NOT AT ALL the kind of scrapper who can leave a page un-done. I almost always finish a page in a sitting. Once in a blue moon (like right now, actually) I have to put a page on hold to finish later. But mostly I have to work on a page 'til it's done.

Pages Printed: 20
This one's embarrassing. I'm such a slacker when it comes to printing. But man, oh man, do I love looking at my printed pages. So my second goal for 2012 is to print a LOT more than that!! I just have to put aside a little money each month to do it, then it doesn't feel like such a huge splurge!

And my top ten favorites: This was very hard to narrow it down, but it was a ton of fun looking through all my pages from the year. In no particular order . . . (each image is clickable to see the full, credited version)

Have you done your 2011 Digi-Scrap stats? Link me up or post them here.

Who's with me to get to 100 pages in 2012?!

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