fill 'er up!

Hi everybody. Sorry today's post and new release is a little later than usual. Scarlett's been sick and I had to take her in to the doctor this morning. Everything is fine though. Big sigh of relief! She just has a virus with "coarse breathing", as the doc put it. Which apparently is normal while she has this virus. No croup, no pneumonia WHEW!

We took a nice long "magic shower", as we call it, with lots of steam and that seems to have helped a loosen things up a bit. She's sleeping peacefully now, so I can get down to business and get you all my latest creation . . .

"Fill 'Er Up Templates"

Lately, I've been obsessed with scrapping these big, over-the-top, FULL pages. Covering the entire paper with photos, stacks, spills, etc etc etc! It's so fun. Just a new way to create a memory page. And I thought you might like to try it too! It's much easier to try out a new style when you've got a template to follow. Here are my layouts using "Fill 'Er Up". You may recognize a couple of them from the past that inspired two of the new layouts. (click images to enlarge)

And here are some incredible creations from the Britt Girls:

Aren't these types of pages fun? Something NEW to try!! I hope you'll try them out and post your creations in the Britt-ish Designs gallery for me to see.

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