signature style

After many requests, I've finally taken the colors, style, and elements of the Britt-ish Designs site, added a few more punchy colors and lots more fun embellishments and patterns and created. . .

"Signature Style"

and this coordinating paper pack . . .

"Zebra Prints"

Here's what I scrapped:

and from the Britt Girls:

I have an add-on freebie for you guys at the end of this post too!

Isn't this kit fun?! It's full of all the colors, textures, patterns, and elements I love! Plus I LOVE how the Britt Girls used it from everything from tweens to skating birthday parties to baby showers. I'm so happy with how this kit turned out, and I know you guys will love it too!

Alrighty. On to this week's Show Offs. Enjoy:

This week all my Show Offs are getting my new "Zebra Prints" paper pack as their gift. Thanks to everyone who sent in their work this week. If you want to send in Show Offs and get gifts, learn all about how to do it HERE.

And last but not least, that add-on freebie I promised:

{download here}


Have a wonderful day and a fun weekend too! We've got big plans to . . . wait for it . . . work on the house!! I KNOW, you're totally shocked, right?

But I am going to book club tonight. I have been too busy renovating, decorating, and reading baby books to read the book this month, but I'm going to visit and socialize anyway.

ta ta!

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