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With just 8 weeks to go, we are finally registered for baby gear. I've had a handful of people ask if and where we were registering, so I figured I'd share the info!

After doing our homework, research, decision making and with my baby shower invites going out sometime next week, we were finally ready to take the plunge. Last week, we carved out some time and set out (on a bitterly cold night) to REGISTER!

We'd read that everywhere you go, you'll be handed a list of "must-haves" that is very long and overwhelming. As you know, we have a small house, and we knew we needed to focus on the things we'd really need and use. So instead of registering for a lot of fun, cute, baby things (which everyone tells me I'll get plenty of with or without a registry), we registered for the essentials. The baby gear we, Josh & Britt, actually must-have in the sizes and styles and colors that we know will fit in our house (somehow).

I'm so glad we made that decision before we went. The list handed to us at Babies R Us was enormous, and if I hadn't planned things out ahead of time, I'd have been more stressed than I already was.

(PS Josh & I both agree that my belly looks much bigger in this photo than it does in real life. This is a bit of an illusion! Although somedays it FEELS this large & in charge!)

We registered at Babies R Us, Target, and on (the last from the comfort of our own home - in our PJs no less).

The cool thing about registering on Amazon is, if you can't find the item through Amazon directly or you find the same item at a better price somewhere else, you can install this little button in your bookmark bar that will let you add any item on ANY online store to your Amazon registry. It's called Universal Registry. So cool. And we figured, with so many people loving the ease & convenience of online shopping (and with so many online friends!) registering for items online was a no-brainer for this growing family.

Anyway - we're thrilled to finally have all our baby gear decided on! Even if we don't receive any of it as gifts (We KNOW there are items on the registry we'll need to buy ourselves. We're definitely not depending on everyone else to buy us all our stuff!), but at least we know exactly what we want now. The decisions, brands, price points, colors, customer reviews, ratings . . . there's just SO MUCH to figure out. But we made our way through the jungle of baby gear and came out the other end happy and confident with our choices. I couldn't be more excited!

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