How we told my family

We were trying to think of a fun & special way to tell my family about being pregnant. We didn't want to wait TOO long because they knew we'd been having trouble and we didn't want them worrying longer than was necessary. Since two of my brothers, and my SIL and their girls were all living in California for the summer for work, we decided we'd tell them at Bear Lake on the first evening because we'd be ALL together.

My mom always told me that she wanted to know first and that I couldn't tell other people before I told her. So we had to think of a way that was technically telling her first, but so everyone else would find out too.

I had bought my mom these really cute notecards at the Disney Store because they were on clearance for $1.99, so we decided I'd be like "Oh hey mom I have these cute Mickey cards I bought you for 1.99! They are so cute." And then slip the picture of me and Josh holding up the pregnancy test in with the cards. (the picture in the post just before this one) I knew she'd want to look at every card, but you do hear me in the video say "You have to look at each one, they are so cute". I guess I was just nervous she'd miss it or something. Josh was in charge of setting the camera inconspicuously on the table so it would record everything!

Anyway - we waited until after dinner and everyone was gathered around the pavilion area and then set the plan in motion. Sadly, one of my brothers, Scotty, walked away to the bathroom right as I handed the cards to mom so he sort of missed it but you hear him at the end of the video when he comes back and find out what happened and give a big "WOO HOO!". It's funny! But other than that, the plan worked perfectly!

Anyway - here's the video. My aunt and cousins and our family friends that we go to Bear Lake with every year are all in video too. So there's lots of people. It was such a special moment and I'm so happy the video worked and we got it all. Hope you like it!

OH and I did get permission from my mom to post this video. haha! So don't worry!

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