my first ever "Revisit"

Sorry for the lack of posts this week! I've been soooo busy!

But I'm so excited that its Friday again already!! Because today I'm releasing my first ever "revisit" of an older kit!!

"I'm a Dreamer - Revisited"

This is a Revsit of my classic "I'm A Dreamer" kit. You remember this kit, right? I released it in May of 2008!

For those of you who don't have the orignal, and want the new stuff too, you can buy the bundle and SAVE $$!!!

"I'm a Dreamer - Bonus Bundle"

Here is a page I scrapped this week with the Revisit, with a few items from the original:

I also used Sahlin Studio's new "Doodle-y Loops", which I'm in love with!! AND a new template by Cindy Schneider from her pack that comes out tomorrow at SSD!!

Check out what the Britt Girls scrapped:

I hope you like the Revisit as much as we all have!! If you love it, I'll definitely be doing more "Revisits"!!

Oh and you can still download the orignal add-on freebie from I'm a Dreamer HERE!

Alright, lets enjoy this week's Show Offs . . .

Thanks to all of the Show Offs this week!! All of you are getting a Show Off's Exclusive - which means there is no other way to get this product except for Showing Off this week! So, y'all are the only ones who will have it! (Do you feel special?!)

Your Show Off's Exclusive gift this week is . . .

"Check Me Out"

Watch your email inboxes!! I'll be sending this out later this morning.

If you'd like to be a Show Off, find out how by reading this post!

And that's it for today's post!! Have a wonderful Friday and I'll see ya later.

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