have a little Faith.

Sometimes life just smiles down on you and things come together in the most amazing ways. Back in January, I chose the word FAITH to be my word of the year. I have been focusing on it, applying it in my life, studying about it, etc.

A couple months ago, I randomly discovered this book called "Forever Lily" by Beth Nonte Russell, which is about a woman's journey to China to adopt her daughter. (I highly recommend this book!) I ordered the book right away and last month I read it. After reading it, I felt really emotional about the story. And it left me feeling . . . like there was something I needed to do.

A week after I finished the book I found out what it was that needed doing! I learned that an online friend of mine, a fellow Britt Girl actually, Leda, is currently going through the process of adopting her second daughter, "Faith" Cui Mei , from China. Read Leda's heartwarming story of how they found Faith HERE. (have a tissue handy, I bawled).

The circumstances with this adoption have been unexpected and they are in desperate need of some financial help. I immediately went to work to create a kit to donate to her cause!!

Watch this amazing video to learn more about Leda, the adoption of their first daughter from China, and their efforts to adopt Faith:

So, calling all fans of Britt-ish Designs, it's time to do some good!! Please head on over to Leda's Faith In China Blog and purchase this kit! You can get the kit for just $4.00 OR you can go up to $5.00 or more and get their special fundraiser song as well! I'm asking everyone to please donate as much as you can! Every extra dollar gets them closer to being able to bring their Faith home. She has been waiting a long time for a family!

So, while you only have to donate $4, if you can donate more, please do!


I added just little touch of Asian flair to the kit, and made sure to include Faith's favorite colors, pink and yellow!

Leda also has other great products on her blog for sale that people have donated, and all the money goes toward her adoption. Mommy Time Designs donated the CUTEST Minnie Mouse pillow case dress with CUSTOM monogramming for just $35 and free shipping!! There's only one available, so if you want it, go get it now!!!

Thank you so much for your help so that Leda's family can bring Faith home! I hope you can feel the special spirit that surrounds this little girl and Leda and her family. I can hardly think about it without getting really teary eyed!!

Hug your family tight, enjoy the holiday weekend!! Have a happy happy day! And have a little Faith. :)

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