The Best Movie You'll See All Year

Yes, what you've heard is true!!! Toy Story 3 is every bit as good as you hope it will be! It's simple to review, because I can only gush about how WONDERFUL IT IS!!!!!! 5 stars isn't even enough. I'd give it more like 8 stars!!

My family has had plans to see this movie together on Opening Day for soooo long!! Since before Christmas I think. And we had such a great time!!!

I wish my brothers, SIL and nieces were in town to go with us!! We were a small group without them.

Go see this movie. As soon as you can!! Don't read too much about it, or find out more than you already know. Just go see it. Take your kids. Take your parents. EVERYONE will love this movie. I laughed my head off, I cried my eyes out. It's a beautiful wonderful film!!

And make sure to see it in 3D while you can - if only so you can really appreciate the short film ("Day & Night") that opens the movie. It's AWESOME and really needs to be seen in 3D! It's worth the extra $$ to see it in 3D.

Josh and I have been dying to go see it again! I'm sure as soon as we can, we'll be seeing it for a second time!

How's that for a rave review??

Have a wonderful day!

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