Peek for tomorrow AND DigiScrapAddicts

Happy Tax Day. Yours truly is signing her returns late tonight and joining all those last-minute filers thankful for the late hours at the post office. LAME. Why do I wait 'til the last minute? I do NOT know. Anyway . . . on to a couple MUCH happier topics.

Lemme give you a little peek about what I'm releasing tomorrow! It's a collab, and I know you're gonna like it!!

Come back tomorrow to see the full kit and find out who the collab is with!! I'm so excited!

And . . . something else exciting . . . .

Guess who is one of the featured designers at DigiScrapAddicts (DSA) this month?! Yep! MEEEE!!

Basically this means that I'll be featured on their splash page, and then I've also created a very cute mini-kit to go in their "The Fix". Make sure you buy the April one if you want to get my kit. "The Fix" is a SWEET DEAL! Only $3 for 4 mini-kits from awesome designers!

Here's what you'll find from Britt-ish Designs inside the April "The Fix".

You should grab it while its in "The Fix". Because in a couple months it'll go into my shop at full price!!

Here's a page I scrapped with this kit (which, obviously was inspired by my recent new 'do).

Here are some from a few of the Britt Girls:

By Kim:

By Courtney:

By Jenny:

By Tanya:

Hope you all like it!

Have a great day! And to my fellow last minute tax peeps - GOOD LUCK!!

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