Scraplift Challenge "Quick-Fire" Style

Ok - who loves Top Chef? I do! I do! Even though it makes me really hungry and slightly depressed over my own lack luster cuisine, I gotta say, that show is great!

This morning we're going to a "Quickfire Challenge". Now - unlike the chefs, you have more than 30 minutes!! In fact, you have until midnight tomorrow to complete your dish layout.

The challenge is to Scraplift a layout from the Britt Girls Gallery!! Last I checked there were nearl 1,200 layouts in that gallery to choose from.


- Scraplift a layout from the Britt Girls Gallery
- Post your layout in the Britt-ish Designs Gallery
- Be sure to credit the original layout where you took your inspiration
- Come back and post a link to your layout here in this thread.

I will draw one lucky winner AND my Britt Girls will all vote and pick 1 favorite layout. Both winners will win 1 free kit of their choice off their Britt-ish Designs wishlist.

I chose to lift Mary's (aka plumdumpling's) "Book Picnic" layout (and BTW I totally want to go on a Book Picnic):

Here is my lift:

[click here for credits]

Who will you lift? I can't wait to see those entries. Good luck on your Quickfire Challenge!

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