leave the world behind (again!)

Over four years ago I released a kit called "Leave the World Behind". I've always loved its color scheme, theme and overall feel. But as my style and skills have evolved, it has not exactly held up to my current aesthetic. It was time to retire the original and do a COMPLETE re-do!!!!

"Leave the World Behind"

Same fun feel & colors - totally new patterns, embellishments, and pizazz! There is a new add-on freebie at the end of this post as well! I also have these new cards in the shop:

"Cut Out Cards"

by chelle

by krista

by kim

by natasha

by wendy

by melissa

by justine

by jan

by becca

by amanda

by tanya

by kat

Ok . . . last item of business. Here's the Show Off Slideshow:

Each of this week's Show Offs are getting my new "Cut Out Cards" as their gift.

And here is the add-on freebie:


Hope you enjoy it! And have a very happy weekend!!!

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