It's Friday! Did you notice that I blogged every day this week? Woo hoo!! Go me.

I have a REALLY really really fun new release today. It's unlike anything I've ever made before, and man did I have a BLAST with it!


And I even have some little add-on pieces for you as a freebie at the end of this post! Like I said, I had a blast, and so did my team. We were all like little girls playing dollies this week. Here's the page I scrapped:

. . . and from the Britt Girls . . .

The "It's a Magical Grab Bag" has now been removed and its contents are in the shop!! I decided to combine all the goodies into one big fat kit, and put the templates in separate. So you can grab these in the shop now if you didn't get them in the grab bag . . .

"It's Magical"

"It's a Magical Template Pack"

Are you ready to see today's Show Off Slideshow? Well - here we go!

All of my Show Offs today are getting a gift that's not even available in the shop yet! You'll have to wait to get it in your email inbox to see what it is!

(What's a Show Off? How do you join in the fun? Read all about it here!)

And last but not least, here are your Build-a-Princess Extras:


Enjoy! And have a great Friday.

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