baby maya

This past Friday my brother and his wife had their 3rd daughter! Marci went into labor Thursday night so all night long we slept with one ear open waiting for the call to come to the hospital and meet baby Maya. But Maya let her parents and the rest of us sleep all night long and finally came at 7:05 am. As soon as we got the call, we jumped out of bed and hurried over to the hospital to see the new arrival!

Maya Kate 6 lbs. 10 oz.

This next photo was the face she was making while Josh was holding her. Is that not the cutest?!

Me & Maya. As I was holding her, our baby was kicking her!! They are totally going to be best friends and our baby was just saying hello. It was so funny!

She was so awake and alert! She just looked right at you when you held her. It was amazing.

Then the big sisters arrived. They were so excited to see their new baby!

My dad was a very proud Papa!

One big happy family!

As if we weren't excited enough, Maya's birth has made Josh and I even MORE excited for the arrival of our own little girl. We just can't wait!

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