boy or girl???

Hi there!! Sorry for posting this so late, but it's been one CRAZY DAY!

Let me tell you the story . . .

This morning at the appointment the stars were not aligned. The baby was bellied up to the placenta, there was a shadow from my belly button right between the legs, then the little feet were sort of blocking the view. It just wasn't happening. The poor doc looked and looked and still couldn't come up with anything! He couldn't even see half of the things on his checklist so he scheduled me for another full ultrasound in 4 weeks.

So we went away SUPER BUMMED. I went from being sad, to being really annoyed and a little mad! HAHA (pregnancy hormones)

I texted my mom to break the bad news and she was immediately determined to find a way for us to find out before we leave for Orlando tomorrow. She called her good friend who used to be an ultrasound tech at the hospital. She's a labor and delivery nurse now, but she can still get people in and do an ultrasound on them. Well the stars WERE ALIGNED for round 2 because she just happened to be working today and had some free time to help us out. So, my mom, Josh and I all met at the hospital to try again! (This wasn't until almost 5:00pm). The baby had moved a little by then and she was able to get the perfect shot and tell us what we're having. In 15 years of ultrasounds she's only been wrong 3 times. So the odds are pretty good. So . . .

The majority of my blog readers were right! I really didn't think I had a feeling either way, but I realized when she said "It's a girl" that I must have REALLY thought it was a boy because I was totally shocked. I had myself all geared up to hear her say its a boy. But it's not! It's a baby girl!!!! I really wanted a girl of course, I guess I just was thinking boy, but I didn't really realize that until that moment.

We are both THRILLED! Josh says he sort of thought it was a boy, but he can only really picture us with a girl so it just feels right! Like I said, I didn't really notice, but I have been picturing us with a boy so now my mind is sort of having a hard time making the switch!!!!

I'm just SO RELIEVED that we got to find out. THANK GOODNESS!! I seriously was having such a bad day after the first appointment. Even when we got to the hospital to see my mom's friend I really didn't have any hope that we'd actually be able to find out. We got very lucky!!!!

It's a baby girl for us! When we decide on a name I'll let y'all know! (We're getting very close on a name already).

We spent another half hour on the grass outside the hospital making phone calls to family members and then I headed straight to book club! As soon as I got home I started this post. So that's why its so late!

So happy we got to find out! So happy its a girl! Gotta go finish packing . . . TTFN.

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