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Hi everybody! I'll be updating this here blog post to include each step every ten minutes during the 3:00 hour. So, as we speed scrap, hit refresh on this page & you'll see a new instruction every 10 minutes.

1) Since today is the 25th, pick either 2 or 5 photos. You can't have 3, or 1, or 12. Two or Five. Those are your choices.
2) Black. I want to see at least 1 black embellishment or paper on your page. It doesn't have to be the main background. But you do need something black on your page other than text.
3) Large! I want to see a REALLY LARGE PHOTO!! Go big or go home (you can make your large photo blended if you want).
4) A lot. Let's see a lot of something on your page. My page has a lot of flowers, for example.
5) Curly. Add at least 1 curly item. A curly ribbon, a curly string . . .
6) Keep it real. Spend a little extra time working on some realistic shadows. Take time to think about how different items would realistically cast a shadow.
7) Date your page. And add at least a little journaling. Try a LOT of journaling if you want. But you need at least a line or two.

Let me spell out the rest of the Speed Scrap specifics.

As we speed scrap, you can join in on the chat over at the MouseScrappers.com chat room. (thanks MS for letting us play at your place!)

This is the prize you'll be Speed Scrappin' for!

You like?

Well - all you have to do to get it is follow the 7 steps I'll give you during the 3:00 hour. Then you'll have 1 additional hour to finish your page. Meaning, all layouts need to be finished and uploaded by 5:00pm Mountain Time (that's 4:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Central, and 7:00pm Eastern).

Once you've completed your layout, post it in my gallery. Then email me (designerbrittney at gmail dot com) a link to your layout in my gallery. That way I can email you back with your PRIZE!!

*IMPORTANT NOTE* When you want to link to one of your pages in the Britt-ish Designs Gallery, you need to click on this little icon to make sure that "Display File Information" is on.

Then, below your credits, you'll see the File Information. Use this URL when linking up your page.

You can't just copy and paste the URL that's at the top of your browser window! It won't work.

One more note. I know some people had trouble in the past with the gallery. But all problems were solved by simply trying another browser. My gallery and Internet Explorer don't get along. So, if you're having trouble seeing where to Register, Log In, Upload, or Comment - just try using a different browser (like Firefox, for example) and you shouldn't have any trouble.

Here is my page!!!

{credits here}

GOOD LUCK!!! Be speedy!

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