Scarlett's First Disneyland Trip

See! I'm finally posting some pictures from our trip. I told you I'd get around to it!

I guess I'll start at the beginning. Before Scarlett was even born, I started collecting costumes (borrowing, buying on clearance, hand-me-downs, etc.) for her to wear on her first trip to Disneyland. The original plan was to have her dressed up every day for part of the day, and then change her when the costume got annoying or when it got too cool. Little did I know we'd end up getting rained on half the trip. So we did costumes the first two days and that's it. But I was ok with that. Her non-costume outfits were REALLY cute too!

Day 1 was Minnie Mouse. Isn't she the cutest?!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram (<-- I'm obsessed/addicted. Come follow me if you're on Instagram, my user name is designerbrittney) have seen some of these pics already!

Needless to say, I had SO MUCH FUN dressing Scarlett up and getting her ready! (I mean, I have fun doing that at home on any given day!! But it was like the ultimate - getting her beautified at Disneyland!

I think it was almost 2:00 by the time we finally got to the park. We drove half-way on Tuesday night, spent the night at a hotel and then drove the last three hours or so the next morning. After a little lunch and unpacking (and dress-up), we headed across the street to the park! (see my LO from Friday for pics of our first park moments!)

After we walked through the tunnels and into the park, who was waiting to greet us?! None other than Miss Minnie Mouse herself. It couldn't have been more perfect!! That was the ONE character I really wanted Scarlett to meet that day, since she was dressed as Minnie!

Minnie LOVED Scarlett's outfit, of course, and made a big fuss over her. And even though it was Scarlett's first character, she seemed to enjoy it. Her nervousness around characters didn't start until the later part of Day 1. (Yeah - one of my fears was realized. Scarlett had a tiny bit of character anxiety when they got too close or tried to touch her! She'll get over it by our next trip, right?!).

Right after meeting Minnie, it was time to get EARS!! I've dreamt of a tiny pair of black ears with "Scarlett" stitched on the back forever! I was definitely ecstatic. Josh was lovin' it too!

Plus, I was getting a new pair of ears for myself too. I've had the same black pair for years now and I wear them every trip. But they are WORN OUT. Literally falling apart. So I gave up and put them into retirement. It was time to get a new pair.

Disneyland used to offer little red bows with rosettes on them to make the plain black ears into "Minnie" ears. They stapled on the bow for you and ta-da! Girl ears. That's what my old retired pair had. But a couple years ago they stopped carrying the bows. You can't get them anymore, which is one of the reasons I resisted getting new ears for so long.

But, duh?! I can just make my OWN bows. So before our trip I made two cute little bows. Then, as soon as our ears were done being stitched I pinned them on. The cast members at the Mad Hatter were actually really impressed! Haha! Didn't they turn out cute?!

I'm so glad I made the bows. I think they look so adorable. I think I'll have to make Scarlett's bow a little bigger for the next trip though (Mama likes a big bow!).

Right after ears, we met up with my brother and his family. My nieces were all very excited to see us (they arrived at Disneyland for a couple days ahead of us).

We all met Pluto, who just happened to be hanging out just outside the Mad Hatter.

I don't remember sensing any trepidation or fear from Scarlett when we met Pluto. She seemed intrigued by his big nose and whiskers (why have I never noticed those giant whiskers before!!?!).

Wow - all this and we haven't even made it down Main Street!! HAHA! But that's a good place to end it for today. Be back tomorrow with more of Day 1!

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