Miss American Baby

I know, I know. The 4th of July was over 2 weeks ago!!! But even though its late, I still wanted to share these pictures I took of my little American Baby. (click any image to enlarge)

Isn't her outfit cute? My new favorite thing about the 4th of July is dressing Scarlett up. I've already found myself keeping an eye out for next year's outfit! haha!!

Do you like her bow? I made it!!! I just did a search on YouTube and learned how to do it. Now I'm hooked and I want to make her lots more bows! I made her bracelet too, but you can't really see it very well in any of those photos. Here's a better view of it. It's nothing fancy, but it looked cute on her.

Well - even though its late, hope everyone had a VERY happy Fourth! We sure did. How could you not with a baby that gorgeous?!

Peace & Love.

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