Spool Dolls

Before Christmas I started making SPOOL DOLLS. What are spool dolls, you ask? Well, let me show you. I made my mom a set for Christmas. I made a doll of each member of our family!

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From left to right: Cameron, Scotty, Chad, Dad, Mom, Britt, Josh, Christian, Marci, Eden, Ella.

I got this idea from a pair of spool dolls that my friend Ashley made me of me and Josh in Mickey ears! (thanks for the inspiration) Ash. My mom LOVED these!

I also made my niece Ali, who is obsessed with Tinker Bell, a Tink spool doll for Christmas.

I wanted to keep this one SO BAD! She seriously turned out sooooo cute. I was having so much fun that I turned our friends into spool dolls too. I gave these to them for Christmas as well. They are big Salt Lake Real soccer fans so I had to make them in their Real jerseys.

And the latest spool doll I made was for my friend, Stacy, who's living in Australia. She's from Utah and a BIG BYU fan, so I made a doll that looks like her all decked out in her BYU gear.

Spoll dolls are easy and fun and you can find everything you need at your local craft store. Next time I make a spoll doll, I can take pictures and write up a tutorial if anyone's interested.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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