a time to remember

Spring has FINALLY started to . . well SPRING here and I was feeling inspired to create a soft, lovely, princessy, castle, springtime kit. And here it is:

"A Time To Remember"

Is there anything more sugary sweet and girly?? I think not! (There's a little add-on freebie at the end of the post - make sure to read all the way through to get it!)

Here's the page I scrapped with it:

And pages from my Britt Girls:

I love how versatile this kit is. I'm excited to scrap some of Scarlett's newborn baby pictures with it, as well as some springtime photos. And probably LOTS more!!

Before I go, here is the add-on freebie I promised:


Enjoy the freebie, and I KNOW you'll enjoy the kit if you pick it up. ♥

Have an especially happy weekend!

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