the future has arrived

I'm so happy to release my new kit today!

"The Future Has Arrived"

"The Future Has Arrived: Bonus Alpha"

There's a little add-on freebie for you at the bottom of this post too. Making this kit reminded me how much I LOVE Tomorrowland. This kit is perfect for scrapping all my Tomorrowland pics, as well as boy pages, "over the moon about you" type pages. So many possibilities!

I scrapped the photos of the first time I got to see the Captain EO Tribute! (I can't believe I'm actually showing you the geekiest photo of me ever.)

And from the talented Britt Girls:

Isn't this a fun kit!? Hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Alrighty - now it's time for today's Show Off slideshow.

This week's Show Offs were seriously impressive. I really enjoyed them! Hope you all take the time to look at them. If you'd like to Show Off too, you can learn more about it here.

Here's the add-on freebie I promised!


Today's my baby girl's FIRST BIRTHDAY. Can you believe it?!! I can't. It's blowing my mind, actually. So, I'm off to make this day magical for her. Tomorrow's her BIG PARTY and I think I'm pretty much ready for that too. So - I get to just be with Scarlett and enjoy this day with her. YAY!

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