Wordless Wednesday

A fun blog I recently discovered does a Wordless Wednesdays post. She posts photos from around Disneyland and lets the photos do the talkin'. I thought that sounded like a LOT of fun, and I never feel like I share enough of my Disney photos here on the blog.

So here goes my first Wordless Wednesday. (these photos were all taken by either me or Josh on a quick 1-day visit to Disneyland that we were able to go on back in July of 2008. Josh's sister Tami, Josh and I flew out to wish Josh's grandpa a happy 90th birthday and of course we had to squeeze in a quick visit to the mouse. We had just gotten our new SLR camera and were so excited to test it out at the BEST place to take photos ever! Our plane landed at 8 am and by 9 we were in the park!! - wow its hard to be wordless!)

The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

I'll be better at the "wordless" part next time!

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